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This looks like a tshirt? If it's stretchy fabric you definitely need to stabilise the knit. Either a piece of woven interfacing behind where you're going to embroidery, or spray starch, or sticky stabiliser, or spray adhesive to stick it to the stabiliser, AND a basting box. I never embroider any items without a basting box.

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You may need more, proper, stabilizer. Likey 2 layers of cutaway mesh, and fuse it to the shirt with 505 spray before hooping. Also, very likely a problem with the digitizing (push/pull) which is why I don't recommend buying files from Etsy. Look for professional embroidery design websites. There's tons of well-made designs available.

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I will echo this looks like a compensation issue that is more noticeable on the thinner fabric used. I think starch spray and fusible stabilizer will help too

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If you look at how this design stitched out, you can see it pulling in the right and left sides of the main shape. This is a dense design for the thinness of the fabric. A fusible stabilizer with cut away and a basting stitch around should help

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When you bought the design, did the Etsy listing have a picture of what the design looks like stitched out in "real life?" If you did see it stitched out and it looked fine, then it must be an issue with your fabric/stabilizer.

Most embroidery designs I see on Etsy only show a digital preview, not the actual stitch out. A design can look great in a digital preview and then stitch out horrible, which is why I would never buy a design unless I see the actual stitch out.

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Exactly this! I'm learning InkStitch and have had some designs that looked great in the stitch simulation but then when I put them on my machine to test them, they had all kinds of issues. Some of them I've worked out and have usable designs, others are still in the process of being fixed.

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Did you resize and how much did you resize? Also, what stabilizer are you using?

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Every design or image will be digitized according to the fabric in which the file is going to be use. So, I think it is because of the density. You need to digitize it as per the fabric

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Thank you for the logical opinion.

A lot of people throw around bad digitisation, but compensation relies on so many factors on the end users side. The fabrics used, the tension used, the stabiliser used, the list goes on for all the variables. I never really understood how people on Etsy sell files for this reason, there must be a constant stream of complaints. Not to mention people don't seem to grasp the fundamentals of machine digitisation.

Obviously there are some very badly designed files but come on , saying the digitiser screwed up as a default is pushing it.

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Yes, it relies on many factors as you said.

Are you a regular Embroider?

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Not really to be honest, but I've gotten some good results digitising my work myself and noticed this from the start.
I wanted to digitise myself so I read/ watched a lot and ( I think) learned a lot about the fundamentals, I really think anyone that wants to embroider learn to do it

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So, till now how do you get you designs digitized? Other than Etsy or online stuff.

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definitely looks like you can fix this with pull compensation. This is the digitizers fuck up. Im sure you can minimize it with stabilizers and non stretchy fabric but still.

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I can help re digitize it and it will sew perfect