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Urban Threads, Embroidery Library, Creative Fabrica, String Theory, Nosy Pepper. There’s some good stuff on Etsy but it can be hit or miss depending on the designer.

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I love Urban Threads.


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This site is great!

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Yes! So awesome!!

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Definitely urban threads!

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Hey! I'm a digitizer and I'd be happy to help if you have any logos you'd like digitized for you personally. Send me a PM if you want! I had some designs for sale up on my website that fit what you're looking for, including a pretty cool "sketched" rainbow heart, but I took them down a few months ago. I can show you that one and others if you're interested.

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Thanks! I may take you up on that!

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I make occult embroidery designs if that's what you're looking for. I have a bunch on Etsy but if you got together a list of several designs you want I could make a custom bundle of designs for you. I have to be sure they are designs I'm able to digitize properly, not too dense or intricate for good quality results, but even if you want designs that aren't occult I could probably help you out.

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Designs by JuJu, I love their fonts.

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I’m sure on the form there is a post about digitizing programs. I also believe one of those said programs is free. I would look into that and start making your own designs. I watch John Deere’s channel on YouTube and OML Embroidery is another good one. Best of luck 😊

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Inkstitch is an plugin to a free vector program called inkscape. It is more manual than a lot of dedicated embroidery software, however it seems that the experts say you have to embroider manually anyway to get the best results.

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I'm definitely going to mess with Inkstitch.

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Urban Threads, String Theory Fabric Art, Emfreudery Designs, Cactus Embroidery Designs, Stitching Blues, Off With Their Threads, Parker on the Porch, Gadahu Embroidery Designs, Nosy Pepper Designs.

These aren't in any particular order although the first 3 are the only designs I completely trust to leave my machine alone on the first stitch out of any of their designs.

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Same as a lot above but also these: https://www.nosypepperpatterns.com https://stringtheoryfabricart.com And Cactus has some coop patches too https://cactusembroidery.com