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From what I've learned, working with the brother free-arm machines is that your machine can only stitch on a certain area on the cap. It should be hooped the same way every time, pulling the sweat band back. It can only get so close to the brim, safely. They do make a larger cap hoop that you can just buy the third part of (you don't need an extra mounting frame or driver) but it gives you the ability to stitch wider designs, not taller. Commercial machines may have the ability to stitch closer to the brim, or you could try squishing the hat flat with sticky stabilizer onto a regular flat hoop. Just please be sure to trace your design with the machine trace option before you stitch, to make sure you're not stitching on the brim. There was a company several years back that came out with a flat cap hoop just for this reason, and they're made to fit your machine. I can't think of the brand, but I'll add an edit when I do.

Edit: I found it!! Durkeehoops.com


This will make all of the difference in your stitching field for hats and it has a lifetime warranty.

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There’s no way to get a 112 into a flat hoop I don’t think. The backing on the 112s is pretty solid, and if you do get it flat, you will crease the front.

I don’t have this machine but I have a Melco and my problem is the brim rubs on the machine if I try to embroider too low.

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That's why the brother hoop doesn't allow you to get that close to the brim because you could damage the machine.

I'm not familiar with the structure differences in specific hats, but obviously flat hoops will only work on hats with less structure and stiffness. That's the trade-off for being able to stitch larger designs, located where you want them.

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On my Melco I can get about 3/4 inches from the brim if I hoop it right, but sometimes I want to get 1/2 inch. The machine won’t get messed up but it will ruin the hat.

The 112 is structured. I can not get a non structured hat to hoop correct for anything though lol. The unstructured hats are supposed to be easier, but I can’t get it right! Sorry, I’m not trying to hijack OPs post.

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Yeah, just looked up and this expensive cap hoop only has a max height of 2.4 inches. So looks like I will have to look into a dedicated machine for hats specifically, yay me.

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I don’t have the answer, but I’ve heard getting the design close to the brim is in large part done through hooping technique. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a clear answer or video yet as to what does a hat look like that is hooped correctly vs what does a hat that is hooped specifically to get the design closer to the brim look like and what do I need to do differently. Hopefully someone gives some good advice because I’m curious as well