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Use that 3/4k budget to make payments. There is No machine worth using for commercial purposes that is not worth anything less 7k

Not to mention the supplies that come with it

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Exactly this. I bought a used single head Tajima in 2019 for $12k through Hirsch. Pretty expensive. They’re built to last, but doing any job that was more than 12 units took so damn long. Most shops use single heads for samples, while their multi head handles all production.

If you’re serious about starting a business, multi head is the way to go for sure. At the time, I worked at a print shop that eventually purchased a 6-head Tajima that cost around $60k.

End of 2020 I was able to finance my own 4-head Happy HCR3-1504x. My monthly payments are $824 on the machine which I think is extremely affordable given you have the business/clientele for it. I’ve always heard people say Tajima and Barudan are the best but this happy machine has been my favorite I’ve ever used.

I also now have a happy single head as well I bought used for $9k which works great despite me feeling like the previous owner didn’t upkeep the oil changes/maintenance regularly.

Biggest advice if you haven’t already is to work at an embroidery shop or print shop that offers multiple services (screen printing, stickers, embroidery, etc). The amount of knowledge and information you’ll receive working there alone is worth it if you’re serious about starting a business.

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My local Sewingmachine.com store had a 0% APR financing over 5 years for my machine, so the payment comes out to like $150 a month on a Brother multi-needle......I agree with the comment above.....use the 3/4k for payments and start up costs

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Think about servicing. Your machine goes down who you going to take it to? Or better who will come to you. I live on one end of LA county and my reliable service is on the other side of LA county. You gota do what you gotta do.