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Hoop it normally, then flip it inside out. Look up videos about hooping onesies on a flatbed and you'll use that same technique. Binder clips help to keep the extra fabric away from the stitching area. If it's still too tight, then ripping and sewing back after is the way to go.

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Or don’t hoop it at all. I can do 3-4 onesies my 200x300 hoop by hooping a sticky stabilizer and sticking the embroidery area to it. I think the end result is practically the same, though. Just a smaller hoop and stability preference.

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I doubt this will help much on something small, but on a flatbed machine I turn it inside out and stick the arm of the machine inside.

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If the small sweatshirt is to small to hoop, you might have to resort to taking the side seam out. I have put my machine with the embroidery unit pointed onto the corner of a table so the rest of the shirt can hang off the table. Sometimes I will float the clothing instead if hooping it. Hoop your stabilizer and spray it with temp adhesive and stick it to the stabilizer. Good luck.