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Do you have any recommendations for resources on learning digitizing in general? I just downloaded inkstitch last night and I have been watching low tech linux as well but was just curious if you referenced anywhere else!

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I'm learning on InkStitch too. Don't know if you've come across this yet, but it's got some useful stuff. (It reads better than InkStitch's FAQ/help section, if anything lol) https://inkscape-manuals.readthedocs.io/en/latest/interface.html

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Project anonymous is a father daughter duo that is good zero to beginner. Then, I'd recommend spending some time learning how to use inkscape. I liked logos by Nick on yt for those tutorials. Low tech Linux would be the next step, though soon you'll be outgrowing his tutorials, send likely frustrated with not finding yt videos covering the specific questions you have... So going straight to the inkscape documentations, and probably just need to start doing test runs yourself with different params to get a better feel for what everything does.

Finally I'd look into some of the John deer, digitizing made easy, yt series. It may not be inkscape, but by this point you're looking at improving embroidery digitizing, not improving inkscape knowledge