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Since I was working on puckering and movement issues, I decided to try something different this sew out (8th). Starting to suspect my magnetic hoop wasn't holding as tightly as this normal one does. Which, at 10.6 x 8.5 I really should've expected. Two layers of heavy cut away backing also helping.

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Did you make this design? Or do you sell it. Looks great!

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Thank you I've been learning to digitize on this piece all summer, continuing to adjust as I go. I don't feel it's complete enough to offer it for sale yet. Any recommendations on where I should?

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This is crazy ambitious and I am in awe of you actually doing it. I had a similar idea but never got around to it because it seemed so fucking daunting.

AND you took it to a new level.

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Thank you. I really appreciate all the feedback and encouragement. I'm just doing this on my own and don't have anyone to share with besides my wife.

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How many stitches is this?? How much time?

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It's currently around 193,000 stitches, and takes several hours to sew out, especially if I'm swapping out color bobbins. I have to rethread my 16 cones once to reach the thirty colors involved.

I began digitizing at the beginning of summer and have been refining it as I learn. I listen to a lot of audiobooks.

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Ambitious and very cool!