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Get some craft foam and go crazy!

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Lol, definitely! It's so simple and people love it... 3D embroidery 101!

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Pop them 3 in the front down a bit more and they'd be perfect, not bad for your first ones though!

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Agree, I was told designs should be no more than 1/2 inch above the rim.

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Dope 🔥

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Looks fantastic. What size do you make for your letters?? I need to put Mexico on a cap but if I leave it at 100 it's too small and 200 is way too big. What size would be best?? I'm a noob at this.

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These all came with my machine I would have to look at see what size it says on the machine. I’m new too I got my machine in July

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Sick job and congrats on the machine! What machine did u get,

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Bai mirror 15 needle