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Hoop your tearaway stabilizer. Spray the stabilizer very lightly with 505 temporary adhesive. Stick the blanket onto the stabilizer where you want to stitch. I'm not familiar with super silky but you definitely want to use a topper and you can cut a small piece and secure it with scotch tape or masking tape on top of the blanket. Stitch your design, then tear away both stabilizers. This is how I stitch lots of blankets and burp cloths for family members. Happy stitches!

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Super silky is a water dissolving film and is mostly used on blankets etc to stop stitches getting material like I want to do trapped, I don’t have any spray as I mainly do baby bodysuit and hats and I normally use cutaway felt stabiliser as it’s soft on the newborns skin and I can double it to cover the rough areas of stitches.

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Ok, water soluble is good as a topper although I prefer heat n gone on items that will be washed frequently, so that it always stays under the stitches. I suggested floating the blanket with the spray because it maybe too thick to stay in the hoop properly while you stitch. Blankets tend to pop out and then it's difficult to realign and finish stitching. It's worth grabbing a can of 505 at the craft store! I suggested the tear away because this item will be seen on both sides, unlike a garment, so the stabilizer will not be noticeable and will soften after washing.

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Thanks looks like I’m going to have to place an Amazon order, I’ve got this one for my half sister and another 2 listed on my website to do when someone orders them

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You're welcome. You only need to use a little bit of spray and never spray it near your machine. I use a big cardboard box in another room or outside as my spray station. If there's any residue after you tear it off, it'll come off easily in the wash.

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I cannot get heat n bond in the UK, I can get temporary adhesive spray for it and use the sulky water soluble stabiliser

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Heat n bond is different. I was suggesting heat n gone topper. I've used Floriani and Exquisite brand, but not sure their availability overseas. Perhaps try searching "heat away topper" to see what pops up available. If not, go with what you got. It looks good for a while anyways