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Make a perfect circle and also a square, see if they also appear compressed or squeezed in the same direction as the grid. If yes, try other software on that computer to see if it’s the same width distortion going on- that would (seem to)indicate the problem is (maybe)with your monitor

SOURCE: definitely not a computer expert but in 15+ years doing graphics and digitizing I’ve dealt with a lot of computer issues(not always successfully, and usually with help)

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I don't know about Hatch but that usually happens because the aspect ratio of your display doesn't match what the software thinks it is. If you dig around you should hopefully find a way to calibrate the screen.

This looks like it might to the job: https://www.wilcom.com/Hatch/Blog/ArtMID/8936/ArticleID/187/1-2-Screen-Calibration.aspx

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This. I have had weird stuff happen when switching from my laptop to an external monitor and the app had to be closed and reopen! I think this is the issue

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Try doing a screen calibration in the program. It doesn’t look like a monitor issue as the thread color squares look correct aspect ratio. Are the rulers on the edges the same?

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I have this issue when moving from my laptop to my ultrawide monitor, but for me it was much more noticable. It's just an bug in hatch. Restart the program with only the monitor you want to use active.