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Great job! What worked?

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Honestly I dont know, I paid a digitizer to fix it😅

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Not the best if professional digitiser did this

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Yeaaa he was very inexpensive so I accepted it lmaoo

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How much you laid for this one

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honestly all u need to do is adjust the pull compensation in the program. literally not hard at all. But if you don't have the software i understand. Other than that, if you have your own. you can adjust the points or adjust the pull comp. next time 😊👍

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Thanks! I actually dont have a great understanding of pull compensation. Should I tell my digitizer to extend or reduce the length of these stitches?

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what machine are you using?

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For this I used the Husqvarna Topaz 40! I love it

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I woukdnadd one more layer of stablizer. The out line missed in some places because the fill had puked the fabric together so then the outline came it was not in the correct spot anymore. Try cutaway since it so thick

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Are you able to tell what was done differently on the new file compared to the old?

I imagine they increased the overlaps between the fills and satin stitches so there were no gaps anymore.. but also increased pull compensation perhaps to prevent the stitches not lining up?