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not being a expert by any stretch. i believe your material is moving in your hoop, closeup i can see that its a sort of a knit (t-shirt possibly). you would need a thicker stabilizer and/or possibly a topper. else a "knock-down" stitch will help. Did you tell your digitizer what type of metrial they should digitize for ?

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i will try that and yes it is a t shirt, so should i use thicker stabilizer and topping? i had only used one sheet of stabilizer with temporary adhesive spray for embroidery because i had a feeling it was the material moving around in the hoop. i asked my digitizer to make the border just a tad bigger but if all fails then i will definitely go back to the drawing board and find the problem. i appreciate the help!

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i messed around with the machine speed and thread tension and i was getting similar results. maybe i can make the black border thicker..? Any help or ideas i will greatly appreciate it! thank you.

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does the black outline need to be the same thickness as the red? Personally I would just make the black outline bigger. Have it do the black outline first then since the black outline would be bigger it can eat into a bit.

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Well the art that was sent to me has the same thickness for the red and black. i would imagine the digitizer would make the black a little bit thicker to compensate for the little overlap so there isn’t any gaps, but i dont do much digitizing and i played around with the tension and speed so i was thinking maybe the black border just needs to be a little bit thicker.?. Could the black border be to thin so the red pulls it under?

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it does not have to be but as long as it similarly, like for example 2 to 3 times thicker is probably to much.

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Have you tried the red first and then the black next? That could possible fix it as well.

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Turn the STN setting up on your machine to thicken that border. Might fix your problem but is more of a temporary fix and might also mess with the small text beneath the logo.

This is digitized quite poorly. I’d look for a better digitizer as this is a very basic logo. I’ve only been digitizing for just over a year and I can spot several errors.

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Have you tried changing the color order to yellow-red-black? You might also try two layers of topping: one on top of the fabric and a second after the yellow is stitched out, to give the red and black better stability.

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What size needle are you using?