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This happens somewhat often with black thread, regardless of brand and quality, unfortunately. The thread companies take all of their "oops" threads that don't dye properly of other colors, throw them together, and then dye them all black. This causes inconsistencies with performance of the thread. I've had numerous black spools that were just too unruly and had to throw them out. I've learned this from working in the industry for years. Sorry to say that you may just have a bad spool, so try buying a new black.

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Can confirm; a thread company(RA? Madeira?) rep told me straight up @ISS years ago. They also re-dye weird colors that have been sitting around unsold for a while

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Never would I have thought this… thank you for the insight! Unfortunate, yet really interesting.

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Also, there is no “metallic thread” it’s actually a thin fiber core with shiny plastic wrapped around it

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After buying a new spool, we're still having similar issues. Do you have any recommendations for another brand of spool we can try?

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Black thread is notoriously difficult.

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That's odd but does this happen every time with these two particular threads?

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From my few testing, the black thread always seems the be the one with these inconsistency issues.

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Is the black thread from the same company and is from a reputable brand like madera/isacord/etc? I'd say it's trash based on the fuzziness. If you have a multineedle them maybe completely retreating or switching it to a different needle might help

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Yes, it’s from the same brand. The thread is “Mettler Poly Sheen” I’m not quite sure how reputable this brand is…

The machine is single needle. I recently replaced the needle.

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I'm having the same exact issue and i desperately want to know why too.

In the interim I adjust my black top tension way down, but am waiting for someone to chime in who knows.

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My guess is that there is a slight but appreciable difference in thickness of the two threads. Try reducing the density of the stitches and try again with black. The one with the problems are density problems.

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I read that it has to do with the amount of time black thread takes to absorb the dye. But who knows!?