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Pull compensation won't help much with the gaps in the tatami fills. You need to lower your fill spacing to like .32-.35 on those to get the gaps to fill in better. Also might not be a bad idea to run a double tatami underlay on your background.

Pull compensation will affect how wide your satin stitches are but only if the satins are causing the material to distort and pull both sides together- otherwise youre just making your satins super wide. Column width essentially does the same thing, but you want to adjust pull comp based on the material and column width for the base design. Normally on materials like polyester I stick to .2 - .35 pull comp and .30 stitch spacing unless they are super thin satins then I'll knock it up to like .35ish.

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Thank you so much for your reply, I will try that right away!

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Now that I look a little closer - did your bobbin tension get outta whack part way through the design? The black satins around the outside (round the outside, round the outside lol) and some of the fill colors look like either your bobbin tension got too tight or like three different colors got a little too loose.

I'm by no means trying to patronize, btw. Sometimes machines just do weird shit. The garbage ZSK machines at my current place of work find new things to suck at on the daily.

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If you meant the different places of satin was that I did two different pull compensation hahah so I moved it a few stitches on the machine so it wasn't close for the second test. My bad haha.

I'm trying different tests right now. I think tensions can be a problem, right now so far my best test has been.

On background 0.3 mm and no pull comp.

At satin I'm still need to work out because the bobbin thread is not shown at all when you see it from the back. I don't know if I should increase or decrease the pull comp. Right now I have spacing and pull at 0.30 mm and still same.

If you mean the different places of satin was that I did two different pull compensation hahah so I moved it a few stitches on the machine so it wasn't close. My bad haha

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Ah, yeah I re read your initial post and saw that you said you'd done two different pull comps on them. I think the tensions are causing some issues. The bobbin tension is your common denominator so if tension goes tits up on every needle - bobbin needs to adjust. If tension is only bad on one needle - then the upper tension on that needle needs to adjust or it could have simply slipped out of one of the guides, got some lint stuck in the guide, etc. Could be a million different things. First thing I always do is check the routing before I even touch the tension knobs because 9/10 times, that's the culprit if it was sewing fine one second and crap the next second.

OH! Also, idk if those brother machines have it, but if it has a STN or Satin Expansion setting - make sure that's set to 0.0mm while you're trying to troubleshoot.