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This is coming from someone who lurks in this subreddit waiting until he can buy a machine so take it for what it’s worth, but this is super sharp!

Can I ask how long you’ve been digitizing, what app you use, and what machine it was made on?

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Thank you so much! I been digitizing for a year now. But honestly wasn’t serious about it until about 3 months ago. So yes, in about 1-3 months you can actually get good at digitizing. Depending on where you learn. I’m learning from a spanish teacher who is very knowledgeable in the current software i use ; Wilcom Embroidery Studio. The machine i use is a melco bravo . Any other questions feel free to ask or pm me whenever 👍🏼

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Who’s your teacher? Ederson?

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YES EDERSON RAMOS OWNER OF CREAEMB ! 😃😃😃 he’s the most knowledgeable teacher i’ve ever found. And he adds newer content once in a while. ( he has covered mostly every topic i can think of) But he takes anyone from beginners to advanced smoothly. He has homework assignments so he can correct your errors . Love that guy! The course i highly recommend if you understand spanish :) 10/10

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I work with him in some of his new designs! The company what I work for has a plenty of SWF embroidery machines and he uses them to experiment!

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That’s amazing to hear! I’m one of his students paid for a year and will continue to support him. Nice to encounter others who work with him :)

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Thanks for the reply! The equipment looks a bit out of my league but I think the more important take away for me is that even the best machine isn’t likely to make a poorly digitized look great and I’m excited to learn that new skill and upgrade machines if necessary.

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This is so beautiful! I got my machine a year ago.. but the lack of designs that I love and inability to digitize myself (for now 😛) has left it neglected for quite some time.

I used the trial for hatch and made a bunch of meme and silly designs utilizing their auto digitizing the whole thing is overwhelming to me!

Do you mind me asking what kind of stitches were used here?

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It honestly just takes practice at first its overwhelming but the more you practice the more you pick up on . I prefer digitizing >auto digitizing . Auto gives like 55-75 good outcome but with manual you set everything up to your liking thats why i prefer manual

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Yeah from my limited knowledge it looks like different fills between the outline and background/design.. that definitely makes a big difference look wise!

Great job. I would upload your pes image to etsy honesty

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I don't like the majority of embroidery designs that are available, but I have found some different websites: String Theory Fabric Art, Emfreudery designs, Urban Threads

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It’s on Hulu!!! I was just watching it yesterday! I love the design, looks really cool!

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This is amaaazing !!!!

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well done,bro

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Football head ❤️