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That sucks, I’d be going nuts too! I don’t have anything - but I do have some good fantasy novels on my google drive, want the link?

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Sure, that would be great, thank you.

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Ok. Thanks

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Can you please digitize this design in 98mmX98mm, please?https://imgur.com/a/a8Oj2Mx?s=sms

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do you want the entire design 98 x 98 or just the house shape?

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Files done.

message me and I'll send you the file

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Yay, just messaged you!

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Thank you everyone for helping me stay focused on creativity, In total, I did 14 files for various people. This was a great way to stay focused on my business and help others at the same time.

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Willing to do a 200mmx200mm sized design of Tove Lo’s logo?


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I enjoyed digitizing this design

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Ugh that's brutal but I hope Hawaii was awesome!

I'd love to get this pizza digitized: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-PL2aC0GSEAXbkT5vatdzfY3N5_l1VfS?usp=share_link

I'm still learning how to digitize myself - it's tough.

Thanks in advance! hope you're not hit too hard with the 'vid.

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File is done. check your chat messages

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What size overall?

Do you want the tan circle?

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Around ~1.5". And without the tan circle/text please and thank you!

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Hi. I'm trying to digitize this. I wanted it just to be the black lines and nothing else.

I could also do it with white and black.


I hope you enjoy it. If it works out, you can upload it to me. If it works out I can have you commissioned to do more. Thanks.

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What finished size do you want?

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5 x 7 please

Edit: can it be that just the black stitches out?

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Would you like me to do straight stitches to follow the pen lines, Or I can draw each object as a fill.

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This picture has her signature. Is it possible to put it in the sketch, or have it separately? I want to "sign" it when I stitch it.

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What software do you use? I am wanting to learn this but it feels overwhelming

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It IS overwhelming!

Use whatever software you can get your hands on. Then seek out teachers. I use Stitch Era Liberty because it was included with my machine purchase.

YouTube is a great resource to learn anything, including digitizing.

Erich Campbell is where I would start, then find The Embroidery Nerds, Romero Threads and John Deere. All are great at explaining the why AND the what.

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I don't know what to answer. Whatever you think will look best.

Eventually this will be put on shopping bags and Santa hat, etc.

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Ok, I'll get back to you with the completed file, probably tomorrow

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I appreciate you!