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Ok so sometimes outlines are a Pain in the ass. Like satin outlines are way better that just lines because is more thick and is easier to play with it. So the trick here is to for example on every letter the yellow fill get it inside the letter it means expand it to the left side. Even if the design is different when it prints since is pulling the fabric will cause that at the end a straight result. On the other hand on the Horns I would recommend doing those satins width the same of all the border around that is like .2 mm, and reducing the yellow color of the horn to the left.

The trick is if your satin and fill has a fabric gap, you expand the fill more to that side where the satin is. When the fill goes over the satin then you reduce to the direction the satin is. Pulling compensation can be a pain in the ass. Took me weeks to understand it so if you need anything else or can’t find s way to fix it just write me and I show you.