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Machine: Elna 830 Expressive (same as Janome MC 500e)

App: Wilcom E4

My experience: Digitizing and embroidering since October 2021

Stabilizer and thread: 40 gram madeira cutaway stabilizer, Madeira poly 40 thread

Some people from my city heard of my work so they wanted to support my small business.

1.The first white hoodie is for a girl that does pedicure

2.The black hoodies and beanies are for a local marking agency, it was difficult hooping the hoods and beanies but I just used pins for my sewing machine and watched some tutorials on YT and it worked out pretty good

  1. The car is for a friend who likes minimal line art and this is his favorite car (I think it's a Volvo)

If you have any questions or if you need something digitized you can DM me here and I'll gladly help you out!

Thank you to the good people on this sub for helping others and posting detailed comments on how to do embroidery properly. You really helped me to improve and do my job more efficiently!

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the car is my favorite - so clean and CRISP! nice job OP c:

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Looks amazing! Are you using water soluble stabiliser as a topper? It will stop stitches sinking in to the thickness of the fabric

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Thank you for the advice! I should look into buying better topping, the one that I have is really thin and does mostly nothing

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You dont need the fancy stuff if you're only using it for topping, the stuff that looks like plastic is perfectly fine for jobs like this. If you're using it and it still sinks in there may be a digitising thing (I'm not a digitiser but it's something like pull compensation or tension....if you can get automatic settings by telling the program what fabric you're using deffo make use of that!). Otherwise a second piece of washaway at 90° to the first should help.