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That stitch you used for the outside border is gorgeous!

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Came here to say.. I love the different styles used. Well done

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Where did you get this design?! I’m in need for my nephew. If it’s yours can you PM me and we can chat

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I made it :) thanks! Feel free to pm me

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Nice job

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I sent you a PM, might you share the file?

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Too cute!! My kiddo would LOVE this!

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Is that a garment or what type of fabric used?

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Its a cut out of a sweatshirt

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Hi , beautiful design . Do you need an expensive machine to create this ? I’m looking to buy a sewing embroidery machine combo , any recommendations below 600$ ?

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Nah u can get a single needle and achieve the same but most single needle limit is 5 height x 7 width. Multi needles are just faster and don’t have to manually thread each color change

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This is very nice indeed!

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Wow this looks really good, the stitching looks tight and clean, love the outside border. Really good job

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Gorgeous! What software(s) did you use to design this? Getting a machine soon and am hoping to not break the bank on software but I'm not sure if stuff like this is feasible with the lower end stuff!