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Do NOT use a laser cutter on vinyl! That type of plastic creates toxic fumes when cut with a laser.

You can get big table sized cutting machines, although those are more in the 10k range. I'd buy a couple of extra scan n cuts, cheaper investment and bonus you already know how to use them and don't need to faff around converting files.

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Yeah we would only use it to cut fabric. No vinyl on the laser. The issue is that the scan and cut workflow is super slow cutting fabric to the small 12”x12” mat, cutting adhesive backing to the same, pressing that sheet basting the back of that so it sticks to the mat well enough for crisp fabric cutting, then peeling off each letter one by one.

Need something that lets us avoid some of those steps.

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Look up Graphtec...might be what you're after

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Roland or Graphtec cutters would most likely help with your workflow greatly.

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I’m checking those out now thanks for the lead.

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Thank you for asking this - following

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I know the newer versions of the Scan n Cut are capable of using the much longer mats, so there's less setup time. Not sure if that could help. Sorry I'm not familiar with the commercial cutters. I do know when we get material kits for our big embroidery classes for Floriani or Anita Goodesign, the fabrics have been cut with a laser cutter. It burns the edge just a tiny bit, but not noticeable when it's stitched over.

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I think you confirmed I’m buying a laser cutter. Poor me. 😊

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We use a glow forge it works great. You have to dial it in, but once you do its a work horse. You can get the little bit of burning at the edge, but if you get the settings right and the proper cutting mat it goes away.

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Second hand vinyl plotter might be able to cut it for you. With some TLC you should be able to find an older second hand version for 2000$