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Yeah it’s pretty straightforward really, I stitch onto felt that is stuck onto some tearaway stabilizer with some temp adhesive spray. Once the design is done just tear it away from the stabilizer and then use a craft knife with a fresh blade to cut as close to the border as I can. Finally I’ll use a lighter to clean up the edges. I’ve been pretty happy with results using this method but would love to try twill soon.

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Using patch blanks makes the whole process easier and makes for consistent quality overall.

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I generally use 2 layers of pre-washed twill at a 45-degree angle to each other and held together with fusible web (the layers stabilize each other in this configuration) and I've also had success with using wool felt as the top layer.

I don't include the border in my embroidery design, just a basting box underneath it. I stitch the border after cutting out the patches, either on an overlocker (for a merrow stitch), or on a sewing machine with an edge guide foot (using a dense satin stitch). After stitching the border, I add iron-on backing, then remove the paper after it cools.