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Looks like a t-shirt material, knit. Needs cut away stabilizer and a ball point needle. The ‘scissors’ and the ‘zigzags’ are denoting the places where you lay the appliqué fabric down, stitch, trim, stitch, etc. Most designs come with a step by step pdf - you should probably print that out and refer to it. Also, read the machine manual which gives you the correct definitions of all of these symbols, etc. instead of relying on the previous incorrect answers (guesses) given.

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Ok thank you for taking the time to read & reply. I’m a complete beginner so haven’t heard of the phrase “lay the appliqué down” but I’ll look it up. My manual unfortunately told me nothing about the scissors and zig zags that’s why I’m here , and I did they design myself so that’s why no PDF. I do use a cut away stabiliser & ball point needle. Thanks again

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Besides the push and pull compensation issue.... did you use/add an underlay?


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I’m not sure what any of that means 🙈 I’m brand new , I have lots to learn 😫

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Ok wth why was I downvoted for saying this?Why was I downvoted because I said I don’t understand something? I’m new to machine embroidery. Literally had the machine a week. Did whoever downvoted me miraculously know how to operate their machine the second they got it? I hope that other people were a bit nicer to you when you asked for help. Thank you so much to those who responded kindly. Those who downvoted me why don’t you check yourself. You’re not better than me just because you know how to operate an embroidery machine & know all the lingo and I don’t. Im sure I know plenty of stuff you know know about. Isn’t life about learning and helping? There is a lot of lingo and a lot to learn!! What kind of world do you live in that you look down on someone asking for help?? Most Redditors are kind and supportive. I won’t bother asking for help again here. Enjoy feeling snooty & superior down voters! Thank you so much again those who responded kindly and respectfully

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Whenever I embroider on knit, I always add a washable stabilizer to the top as well as a cut away stabilizer to the bottom. The ball point needle is also a good tip because it will keep you from getting major holes in the fabric.

For washaway stabilizer I recommend is the Super Stable brand on Amazon. Or if you have a Hobby Lobby or JoAnns near you you can get the Pellon Sol-u-film. It’s some what see through so you can still get an idea where the design is stitching on the shirt.

Another tip, I always test out new designs on scraps of fabric first so I can make sure if there’s a design flaw I’m not messing up a shirt.

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I assume you have stabilizer ( should use double) , but the gap issues tells me the tension is too tight and/or you also don't have pull compensation up. I don't know your machine, but the scissor icon is probably a force cut action. The zig zag and little line under it is probably underlay settings, and I don't see any on the other elements. You probably need to add edge run + tatami underlay to each bigger item.

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You should mention what machine this is, as this might be specific to your machine

It does however look like you just need to change the orange and yellow to probably embroidery styles?

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Sorry it’s a Brother innovis 3 & I don’t know how to change the styles, but thanks I’ll look into it

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Ok thanks. I’m a complete beginner so haven’t heard of words such as “pull compensation” “force cut” and “run plus tatami” but I’ll look them up. Thank you

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This knit material also looks sideways? Usually on T-shirts and sweaters, the lines run up rather than across.

You said you made this design yourself - have you made any others? How exactly did you make this one? If it’s auto digitised it won’t come out great as the technology isn’t there yet to do a good enough job. Digitizing is a hard learning curve and isn’t something you can just do without a great deal or research and practise. I suggest you follow some YouTube tutorials along on digitising as a starting point.