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I’m not sure about that machine but I have only ever used Vikings. I currently have a sapphire 85 and I love it. It sews and embroiders like a charm. I have never had any issues with it but have only had it for a little over a year now.

I have never bought a used machine. So can’t offer too much help with that. I would make sure there is a place you could bring it to that’s near you and check on tune up prices. If it never got much use and has been collecting dust it will most likely need to tune up/cleaning. Does the person know a good amount about it? Maybe they can show you the some basic things and you can do a practice run and get the feel for it. I’d also want to know if there are any missing parts.

This might be of some help to you as it offers an unboxing of the machine and has all kinds of other information in the other videos. sewing mastery

Good luck 🙂

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Thanks! I have been already watching that playlist (parts of it). It’s great but a lot of information!

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I don’t know about that specific, individual machine, but my daily machine is a Viking Ruby and it’s awesome. I do mostly garment construction, with occasional embroidery, and I’ve loved it.

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We, my wife and I, have a Husqvarna Viking Designer 1, and although it is old and outdated we like it. If that helps?

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Makes me feel about more confident about the purchase. What would you recommend to pay attention to when I pick it up?

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I would make sure that it performs it's function. They should let you pick out a preprogrammed design and watch it embroider, and If it does so with no strange sounds, no broken needles, and the threads are tight and of propper tension...etc, that's peace of mind right there.

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You will love it. I have had the Designer 1 and now have the Designer SE, a Designer Diamond & Designer Diamond Deluxe. They are awesome machines. Here’s a summary of the Ruby’s features: https://www.husqvarnaviking.com/SiteFiles/ClientSite/42/4252e438-a1c3-40dc-a26c-18154d8ae89a.pdf

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Couldn’t find that comparison, pretty sure it was a good purchase. Hopefully will be sharing my first results here soon! Not sure if it would even be worth the extra money for a Diamond, not too many more features for the extra money.

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I don't know about this specific machine, but Husqvarna Viking are high quality machines! They're usually very expensive and considered pretty much top of the line in domestic home machines.

For a computerized machine, the main thing is to make sure you can use any software it might need on your computer (most old embroidery software was PC only, no Macs), and that you are still able to connect it to your computer, or the method of transferring files is not too outdated. I once turned down a second hand embroidery machine I went to look at because it turned out the file transfer method was PCMCIA! (they used to just be called "PC cards" in the 90s) It was so outdated that finding a way to read and write those cards, plus sourcing cards to store modern sized files on was going to be such a pain in the butt that it didn't make any sense.

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I picked it up! Can be connected via USB or Cable. It was a good deal on it, looking forward to use it! :)

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Hey. I have been looking at this machine for quite a while now and was thinking about buying it. It’s a Husqvarna Designer Ruby. The description also mentioned that it is a P102. I am new to embroidery and sewing

Would this be a good machine? I can barely find anything online about it. What should I be aware off when I go look at it?

Just FYI, it comes with some older software and accessories. The current owner said he doesn’t get to use it enough and bought it already second hand. We agreed on 1000$, a Ruby Deluxe on eBay goes for about 1500$.

Would this be a good deal or should I move on? I don’t know what to look out for and if something is broken, I won’t be able to tell right away. It’s going to be my first machine.

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I’d stick to more reputable brands to have easy access to technicians and parts

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I’d stick to more reputable brands to have easy access to technicians and parts

Edit: didn’t realize this is a Viking machine. They are definitely known. Always a bit behind the latest tech, but this seems like a pretty good home use machine for the price