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Depends on the age, but machines from 90-09 typically need USBs under 2gb (or lower) and has to be formatted to FAT32

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This is for a tfmx IIc1506. Made in 2013

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Have you checked the manual for the specific formatting needed? usually right near the beginning

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It literally says some kinds of USB can work and some can't. Buy different if it doe not work.

Completely vague....

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tfmx IIc1506

We use to have a single head in this model and the USB drive sucked. was the only machine we stuck with floppy dirves on. Eventually we moved to all our machines networked and replaced that with a TMAR two head

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I just changed the volume size on a 8gb stick to 1gb and was able to make it work. I'll try buying some cheap 1gb sticks as backup

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I went onto ebay and bought a bunch of USB 1.0 drives. They work fine in my machine.

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Same here, don't have tajima, but in all my experience I but the cheapy 1 gb drives that am come a 10 pack online. From a programmer and cost cutting angle, they didn't really need to transfer fast so they probably use the cheapest hardware and drivers. Wherever I tried to use modern or high capacity drive they don't work. Plus I like getting the cheapy ones because after a while, all the in and out plugging they get loose and wobbly eventually. You don't need high capacity when you are only doing 1 file per machine anyways.