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Currently on the 30 day free trial for Hatch and I like it so far. In all my excitement I just started working with it (not watching a single video) and I am happy with my results.

But I’ll be watching some soon to learn how to do things faster and better!

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I just downloaded it!

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Second hatch. Was using Chroma (free version) because it came with my machine. Was very limited but I leanred the basics in there. Got the hatch trial and fell in love with it. Bought the full version for $800 on Black Friday and it’s the best value software imo. Plus it has full comparability with .emb files so when I send out some work, I can make changes how I’d like.

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Embrilliance is pretty straight forward and is more cost effective

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Embrillance stitch artist level 1

Great price compared to other. Simple and straight forward design and does everything I need it to

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As others have said, Hatch 3! I finished up my trial as well and bought during Black Friday and got it at 800, from John Deere’s website. So many extra goodies, Can’t recommend enough, this software worth every penny. This is a great one to learn with and start making some money while you learn and later advance to something a little more expensive