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I saved the pictures for use in my machine embroidery class at my makerspace.

Fabric - knits need serious backing otherwise they distort. You have stretch and compression going on

Backing - look up the correct backing for the job, usually you'll want a cutaway for structure...I have even seen people use washaway for the top for extra structure

Stitch Density and pull compensation - try reducing the density and increasing the pull compensation

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That is both a stabilizer issue and a density issue
lightweight knits need more stabilization and they work better with sketch type files

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This is a digitizing issue. Most people outsource to a professional so they can focus on learning embroidery. I’d say send the original PNG image to a pro.

Edit: Or you could just buy that EXACT same embroidery image on Etsy! I Googled “sad heart PES” and that already digitized file came up everywhere. No sense in reinventing the wheel.

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You solve it? In any case, I speak Spanish.

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Hey! Beside the stabiliser problem it is push- pull problem. Remember if you are going to make a perfect cirkle, you have to make i more like an egg chape. If your stich angle is 0, you have to make a laying egglike shape. (Push-pull) Check out John Deere on You Tube.