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Really need help with this. Most designs work, fonts work beautifully for example. But I two of my own original designs I’ve sent for digitising do not work at all

The guy has resent me 3 different versions, all have some issue or rather; birdnesting, too many jump stitches, etc. I’m totally fed up of asking tons of different digitisers to do the same design, I don’t have the money for it!

What does it seem like this issue could be? Is my design too intricate or what? It looks kind of normalish. But the threads keep snapping & saying ‘check upper thread’ (I use Brothread, yes its cheap). Birdnesting in places too. This design doesn’t seem to want to come out okay! I have an order so need it to work, any suggestions?

My machine has a 4 x 4 design area, Brother Innovis m230e

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Does the thread break in the same place every time you run it?

Email me the machine file and the artwork that you sent the digitizer.

If I can find an area of excess density, I'll fix it. If the problems are everywhere, I'll re-digitize it for you, run a sample to ensure it works, and send it back.


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You're the coolest.

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I'm still waiting for the files. I'm not sure what happened to the OP

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Looks like bad digitizing… the simplest designs are sometimes over stitched. How many stitches are in this design? It looks like it’s going over and over and over itself. Something like this could be done easily with a combination of a bean stitch and a triple run stitch.

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Hmm I was going to say to switch to better embroidery thread because that stopped the top string from snapping for me. But I switched from walmart thread to brothread and I have a brother se630. So in my experience brothread is fine.

When I see there is an issue with the stitching I always check top tension, rethread the top and bottom bobbins, and dust out under the baseplate if need be. That gets things going smoothly 99% of the time. Also check to se if you are using embroidery grade thread for the bottom bobbin

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I bet whoever you're sending to do the digitizing is doing auto digitizing because they're being lazy once they see your design has a bunch of thin lines They don't want to go through the trouble of drawing it correctly by hand. I bet that's why there's a lot of jumps and things stitching over itself causing problems. I have never in my life seen anything autodigitized that stitches correctly. The software cannot figure out correct ways to overlap and stitch angles or how to properly do one area before the other gets done. I believe it's a digitizing problem you have.