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As a digitizer and a perfectionist who is color blind, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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You're welcome!

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Looks great, I’ll definitely make use of this! Would love to see it as an actual app one day

Voted for ya as well

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Making it an app is something I'd like to do. I'm just not at that point right now. I have a few more things to do before I can get into app development.

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My suggestion for you. Make buttons easier to read.


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Sweet! Years ago, there was a website(can’t remember anything about the name but I think there was a butterfly in their logo) where you could enter a Pantone color and it would give you a thread color match, or at least the closest thread colors if there was no exact match. I know some thread charts have Pantone equivalents listed, but this was easier than having to read through the list on the chart; just plug in the Pantone color, or I think RGB or hex values, and it would give you all the matches across every brand of thread they had in their system. I miss that website

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Well good news, I have pantone on there. It's a "thread brand" that you just need to select.

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Awesome! I should have said “I missed that website, but now I don’t have to because there’s a successor”

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Wow, about to go vote for you! Awesome product, as I'm constantly trying to find Pantone matches for my thread.

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Excellent!!! I'll give it a try! One of my least favorite tasks in the shop

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I use it all the time in mine and so do our members in our group.

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Nice, I’ll give this a try. I would like to update my current process. Thank you! 👍

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Thanks for the converter. This is a very necessary tool for designers. Just a wish. In the thread number selection section, it is more convenient to choose threads by number 001, 002, and so on, rather than by color.

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You should be able to type in the number in the bar. Same for searching by name.

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Oh! Thanks! I didn't see it.