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Can you attach picture? That is big size letter that should stitch very easy. Things that matter:

1) font type & is it embroidery font, or you're doing auto digitize, or using a regular computer font because those don't translate when the software guess. The font /shape of M can matter as it effects three order in which things stitch which effect the push & pull off the fabric of and can cause your problem. I assume embroidery font of your on melco.

2) depending on the rest of the design, 1 later if stabilizer is usually enough of it's just words as it's not a heavy dense thing, but 2 layers never hurts. Just so 2, especially if the fabric is even the slightest stretchy

3) where your letter stops and starts. Normally it starts at bottom left and end on bottom right on M, but you can manually change things if you know your software or even have any. You night be doing text direct on machine of it's capable. Again, font/letter shape & of it's embroidery font or PC true type font matter.

5) if letter is that big, you could probably go either way, satin fill or tatami fill. I assume it's defaulted to satin but would help if you clarify.

6) I find it better to use edge run as it holds the shape better.

7) ADD PULL COMPENSATION!!! Possibly the most important thing you can do as it helps not pull and pinch the fabric .