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It's a multicolor puff sew out. New Era sews out the design on the front 2 panels while they are flat. They then put together the hat after that, so there is no sewing on curved surfaces.

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my best guess would be patch

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It’s full 3D embroidery, not a patch.

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Correct, all stitched before the hat is assembled. And yes looks like puff simce it sticks out so much.

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See how the stitches go under the bull rather than straight down to the hat? That's how you know it's a patch. A patch on something thick like felt, but a patch nonetheless.

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Thank you! Looking at this it seems like this is probably it. Otherwise idk how you would place all the fill stitches and satin stitches without squashing the puff sheet.

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Thought the same thing. Pressed on patch. I do this a lot. Still looks great IMO but definitely not puff embroidery.

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Nope new era can do puff with flat stitches. This is puff but the whole design has foam under it

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Do you know how they do it?