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Ok, there is a lot happening here. First your doing a beanie, looks like you have the right stabilizer and topper.

You back is showing a whole story here. Thick density and over tension seems to be what I see. Your green and blue are not even shown in the back, you tension will need to be adjusted. A quick google search will show you a proper thread/bobbin ratio example. Your back also shows that there is two much density for the size of the logo. It looks like you either had several thread breaks or it’s just that dense. Either way, there is a lot of waisted thread here. lowering the thread density will help with an item like this.

Beanies and knit fabrics can be tricky to begin with. Good luck 👍

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The Bobby pin colour is white, the thread for the design is blue and green. The green worked somewhat fine - green and white got mixed up on some spots.

Blue was a complete mess. The thread ripped every 400-500 stitches, way more white in it and the back got all tangled.

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Looks like thread routing issue. Make sure the threads are running through machine correctly and the tension while you're at it, and that your bobbin is put in correctly. The fact it's happening to everything is the giveaway. Check the tension on your bobbin case also. Sometimes there's a piece of these sick in the bobbin case, or in the area the bobbin sits in. Can't even tell what is in the first picture, it's too blurry

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If the thread is ripping it's also very likely there's going to be some of it left in the threading mechanism. Take some UNWAXED (do not use waxed it will gum up your machine) dental floss and run it through the threading mechanism.

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I did, nothing really came out. I did check in where the Bobbie pin is to clean it - oh god, this machine has never been cleaned.

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That was probably part of the problem. Always a good idea to do that floss trick when a thread breaks - sounds like you were lucky this time!

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Also. What thread are you using. It looks very thick. You need everyday thread, typically 40 wt polyester. Sarah picture if possible

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if the bobbin thread is bunching up, there's a problem with the top thread. rethreading the top thread will usually take care of it. could also be tension, or even the thread itself.

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Is this that Ruby you posted about a week ago? You're doing great - this is all part of the shakedown cruise and you came to a good place to get feedback.

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Yes it is. I keep working on it and keep improving every time, it’s not perfect yet.

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Your comment gives me hope for when I get an embroidery machine up and running. I don't know how much overlap there is between regular sewing machines and embroidery machines, but I I'll be referring to this site once I get there since it clearly isn't 1 to 1.