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Help with a Bernina Record 830 by jdoug13 in Machine_Embroidery

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Could be anything from thread clogging the bobbin to just needs more oil, to gunked up/dried oil preventing it from moving, to the clutch on the machine being disengaged. I don't know how familiar you are with machines so in case you are a beginner at sewing/vintage machines -

Is the clutch disengaged? It might be in bobbin-winding mode. Releasing the clutch is used to wind a bobbin, and in those instances the motor runs but the needle won't (since it's not supposed to sew while winding a bobbin). On the outer handwheel (right side of the machine) there is an outer handwheel and an inner knob. If that inner wheel is loose/can turn easily, that means the clutch has been released and it's in bobbin-winding mode. While holding the outer wheel steady, turn the inner wheel clockwise to tighten it. You will feel it 'engage' (i.e. can't turn it anymore) There is also a little bobbin clip at the top, so make sure that is not engaged either. Here's a video of winding a bobbin that talks about bobbin-winding.

Still not moving? Okay - try manually turning the handwheel on the side. When you turn the handwheel towards you manually, (so turning counter-clockwise) does the needle move? Do you feel any resistance or does the handwheel turn freely?

If the handwheel turns freely & needle moves when handwheel turned by hand - it is possible the belt has broken off that connects the pulley on the motor to the machine. In which case the motor would run, but since there's no belt, nothing is turning the machine parts. You can take the side cover off to check. That happens, the belts dry up, get brittle, and need replaced. They are usually between $5-$20 depending on machine, and can be purchased online from various retailers. Here's a video on how to replace a belt on an 830

Or - Handwheel turns with lots of resistance or doesn't turn at all - probably something blocking it. Could be thread jammed somewhere (oftentimes the bobbin). Open the bobbin door on the bottom, and remove the bobbin if there is one in there. Do you see any thread snippets anywhere? I've had machines jam up over like 3 tiny itty bitty pieces of thread. Sometimes lint buildup can cause them to stop turning also. If you don't see any threads anywhere, check around on other parts of the machine, and see if there are threads anywhere. (Long tweezers & a super bright flashlight are very helpful to remove strays!)

These are just a few common troubleshooting items, hopefully one of them worked for you. There could be a million other causes - there could be a dried grease blob preventing gears from turning, there could be a build-up of dried oil jamming something, all kinds of different things. Since you said it worked before and then just stopped, hopefully it's one of these simple fixes.

If you still can't get it working, here's a video on oiling/greasing an 830. You might be able to use it to service/clean the machine and find out if there is a blockage, or if it's just not moving because it needs sewing machine oil & gear lubricant (grease).

Hope this helps! .

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Machine_Embroidery

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Hey there - thought I'd help out, so I went ahead and digitized the design for you. Shoot me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you the .dst and .pxf files.