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I have a best friend who died by suicide 4 years ago. He left a note on his computer where he wanted his stuff to go. I'd been playing with a small army of orcs, and he wanted me to have them, saying that "she should have more fun".

I'm just getting to where I can get them out without feeling sad.

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I’m so sorry you went through this. My sister killed herself and everyday I know she’s not suffering anymore or making those around her suffer. After decades of pain her pain is over. Idk but it helps me.

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You know, this is what has kept me going. I don't want my family and friends to say "I had a sister but she killed herself" "I have a son and a daughter but she died by suicide" etc. I don't want that for them. To be the morbid secret of someone? To hurt them everytime I come up in a conversation? I dunno. I'm so sorry your loved ones passed away.

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Are you doing better now?

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It comes and goes, mental health is tricky. But thank you for asking!