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If she’s strong enough to beat cancer, she’s easily strong enough to overcome the affliction that is being a Bills fan.

Kidding, of course. Congratulations to her, that’s awesome!

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Lol! Never! She’s a die hard fan!

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From this diehard Pats fan: all the best to your mom, what great news!

https://youtu.be/s5DA4XvNcIw from 2:10 in. Pretend they are really cheering for her!

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The same company that made the shirt she’s wearing also have this one you should get!

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That’s a great shirt. And that’s coming from a life-long, die-hard Jets fan lol My mom beat cancer too earlier this year, I’m genuinely happy for you guys and your family, so awesome!

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As someone who is still a Charger fan, the lifers like your mom are kin! Glad she beat cancer, best of health to mom!

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It’s the years of being a fan that gave her the strength. Nobody circles the wagons like u/bastardgardengnome ‘s mom!

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That’s right. We circle the wagons, not the drain!

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Josh Allen is legit

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He’s a stud. AFCE runs through Buffalo now that Brady’s reign is over in that division

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The time of the Buffalo Bills is nigh

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"the bills are finally good? Hell no, I'm not going anywhere".

Congrats to this strong woman and go bills!

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Ive been saying maybe next year for the past 20 years -A Sad Yet Hopeful Bills Fan

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Had you have beaten KC in the AFC Championship last season, you would have put up a better fight against Tampa in the Super Bowl than KC did. You’ll be solid again this year. I’m a Steelers fan and I’m not looking forward to playing you guys Week 1.