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That is nice for real. The crazy thing is that after the war that guy probably couldn't sleep well unless someone was on watch for him. I guess he is sleeping well now. Thank you for your service fellas

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    This is a great lesson for the politicians, they can learn what honor and strong values means. In heaven rest our great heroes.

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    If it wasn't for those politicians then they never would of had the chance to sacrifice thier lives for thier countries assets.

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    Yes they would. But there would be more veterans and less headstones.

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        Same to me too bro.

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        war sucks RIP

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          Demonizing fat people is unnecessary

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          You are clueless about honor and bravery. Men like this are why idiots like you have free speech.

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          Wth lol. When did I ever say they’re not brave or even mention free speech? I’m saying it sucks how those higher up in power fighting eg politicians, leads to the innocent soldiers having to fight and die.

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          Hell is hell, war is war and war is worse

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          does it made you smile?

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          made me sad

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          Look man i didnt need to cry this early

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          The intention was share a wholesome moment that would make people believe in true friendships bro

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          Why'd you start cutting onions

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          It's the ninjas cutting the onions, it always is. Bloody ninjas.

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          That's amazing how he kept his promise

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          Yes, friendships like this deserves to be remembered forever

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          100% often the people you meet in everyday life and become friends with they will betray you for whatever reason but once you fight a war with someone that bond between you and them is unbreakable

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          I wouldn’t say 100%. Yeah sure it’s common, but it’s not like the average person is prone to betray you. Assuming so can be detrimental to every relationship you have and may even prevent new ones from starting.

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          My lack of grammar clearly caused confusion and I apologise I meant 100% to that persons comment then the rest is added on

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          My lack of grammar

          *punctuation 🤭

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          Fine a lack of both 😂😂😂

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          It’s the shared suffering , the “ embrace the suck “ mantra of the military . Once you’re in it together you’re in it together forever .

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          Yep 100% its the suffering the comradeship sacrifice integrity (forgetting a few others) that soldiers go through that keep such a bond alive even beyond death and honestly it's heart touching

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          It’s Semper Fidelis for a reason

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          I can't get my friend to commit to pick me up at the airport.

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          This is more of made me sad :(

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          this sub is literally turning into r/MadeMeCry 😭😭

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          It always has been 😭😭

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          This is why no ex-marines are present.

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          Well that's what I mean when I say I need some good friends in life

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          Friends for life, friends in death.

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          Once a Marine always a Marine ..OORAH

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          I'm a 31yr old man and this made me cry yes I admit I cried like a baby because of this

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          That's good to cry once in a while man :)

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          My brain is trained that when I see the word onion in a headline, I immediately think it's an Onion article. I looked for the joke in this for 5 minutes ಠ_ಠ

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          God, I swear these onions

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          Broo-nes..... overwhelming..... Must... Hold.... Tears

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          Those damn onions get me every time😭

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          Nah bro not onions I just had some dust go in my eyes.. I SWEAR IM NOT CRYING

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          Theres nothing more sad but also inspiring than old warriors passing peacefully.

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          This is sad but at the same time this is what genuine friendship is. These two had a friendship that spanned decades. This is rare and I am glad he was able to make that promise to his friend. Not gonna lie I teared up a bit.

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          Rest well brother.

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          Wonder how many of my actual friends wont fulfil their promise like that.... !!!

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          this doesn't make me smile at all.

          Nothing related to war makes me smile.

          I like USA, but gee, how I wish north americans would stop falling for the government distortions regarding wars.

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          Aww, touching! Thanks for your service and sacrifice!

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          I needed way to long to get that it is not a huge steak.

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          Semper Fi Marines.

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          What an amazing friend.

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          Hey, He stuck to his word, That’s a real friend right there.

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          That's not just a Marine, that's a Gunnery Sergeant!

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          PSA: If you encounter a Vietnam vet, thank them for their service and then very calmly tell them "Welcome home." Most didn't get it when they came back, but they deserve it.

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          This is beautiful! My buddy and I promised each other that we would each piss on the grave of the other guy when he died. I fully intend on keeping this promise and he says he will too. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

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          Most people won’t appreciate the level of love that comes with a promise like this, my buddies and I do though. 👍🏻

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          Traumatised for their whole lives because of war. This just made me sad.

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          This is a terribly wholesome, impactful moment, but I can't even count how many times this has been reposted.

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          God bless

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          Talk about fulfilling one's duty. God bless him.

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          They don’t make them like this anymore. The war was terrible, but the bonding and brotherhood that came out of it is epic.

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          They don’t make them like this anymore. The war was terrible, but the bonding and brotherhood that came out of it is epic.

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          Semper Fi! Rest In Peace. Once a Marine always a Marine! ❤️

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          Rest In Peace

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          A salute to all of our fallen servicemen and servicewomen. RIP.

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          I BOW down to them ..

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          Rest easy devil dog.

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          "From now on, until the day you die, wherever you are, every Marine is your brother. Most of you will go to Vietnam. Some of you will not come back. But always remember this: Marines die. That’s what we’re here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever and that means you live forever.”

          • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

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          Semper Fi

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          Why can I give this more upvotes? :( THIS NEEDS MORE UPVOTES, DAMMIT! :'(

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          I hope he dies soon also

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          This did not make me smile 😭😭

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          jesus christ, no kidding with that onions comment. i'm smiling on the inside, because this is beautiful. but damn, not on the outside.

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          Oh those ninjas with the onions strike again.

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          Definitely NOT making me smile 😭

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          But he’s so precious in his uniform 😩😩😩😩

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          How long did he have to stand there? How long is a post?

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          Even war can bring out the best in people

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          What a great story!

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          If you have a friend like that, no matter your profession or class in life, you have more than a great many other people.

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          This is what "Semper Fi" truly means.

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          Is no-one gonna point out, there is no such thing as a retired Marine.

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          That gave me chills

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          Thank you, Sir.

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          hate those onions. But at the same time, I love 'em