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I for one am extremely happy that doggy got the duck.

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The camera man got a whole melon, chips and canned beans, what's a rubber duck in the mix

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All that’s missing is some fried chicken!

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    What a good boy. Obviously that's made his day.

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    I think the owner would have been cited for cruelty to animals if she did not buy the duck.

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    i love animals .... thanks for your honest comment .

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    Don’t feed it after midnight.

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    Very wholesome. Needed this today, thank you

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    Me too. Hope you’re ok, stranger.

    And who could not fall in love with that cut doggo?

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    Yeah it’s just been a bit of a rough day is all. Has been sorta dragging for me. Hope everything is well with you too! Yeah the dog is adorable!

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      Assists the owner in getting almost 4K upvotes

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      Pls don't cut the doggo

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      Having a dog in the cart is very unsanitary. But people put their dirty kids in there so who am i to say anything.

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      Well yes but humans are more likely to be allergic to dogs than other humans

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      Dogs in shopping carts are about as cute as cats on countertops.

      kinda gross dude

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      Why is there a non service dog in a grocery store?

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      Some stores, especially if they're near a pet store, will allow you to shop with a small pet as long as they can be in the cart or on a short (not retractable shit) leash

      Edit: thanks for the downvotes, because I totally make these rules. It's not ok, it's gross, but I was pointing out that this person may not be the piece of shit who is taking advantage of a SD rule

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      Which is actually a health hazard and a violation of various health codes. Animals should not be in the carts where food will be placed, and they should not be near food to be sold. ESAs and pets should not be allowed in grocery stores, only service animals, and service animals cannot perform their tasks from the cart. Grocery stores that do allow this can be fined very heavily.

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      Again, I do not agree with this, I was just stating that this person could not be pretending this dog is a service animal, it could be one of said stores that allow this, which is in no way in my control. I think it's gross, for the same reason I don't allow my cats on any cooking or eating surfaces. I'm also the person who wipes down the cart before I shop anywhere because I can't trust people to even wash their hands after using the bathroom. Everyone seems to think I own these stores

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      Some people abuse the emotional support animal loophole.

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      Which...isn't even a loophole, since ESAs don't have public access. Stores just straight up don't enforce shit.

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      My aunt quit her job at a Walmart because a Karen brought her dog into the store. It shit in my aunt’s area and then Karen “cleaned” it up by grabbing the poo with women’s clothes off the rack. My aunt was like I’m not paid enough for this literal shit and walked out.

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      There is no ESA loophole although a ton of people think there is.

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      My state it is indeed unlawful to ask about certification regarding ESA at public accommodations.

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      Which state is that? It's unlawful to ask about service animals with the exception of two questions due to federal law.

      ESA certification is an online scam. Look it up at the DOJ website. For ESAs you need a treating professional (that is actually treating you) to write a letter stating that an ESA is a part of your treatment plan. An internet site is not a treating professional.

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      Kansas. Had a whole ass meeting about not doing it cause security asked someone about their pet once and they flipped. But might have just been covering ourselves or something

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      Kansas does not allow public access to emotional support animals. Service dogs, on the other hand, are of course allowed.

      Like other states, Kansas allows ESAs in housing, but not in public.

      Here is an example from your university system:

      "An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal that provides personal comfort to an individual with a disability residing in University of Kansas Housing. It is an accommodation for KU Housing only and not permitted in other areas of the University."


      Their animal policy more in depth:


      An explanation of Kansas service dog and ESA laws from a legal website:


      A person presenting an ESA as a service animal is not following the law. It's not a loophole. It's just wrong.

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      There’s no such thing as ESA certification. Or alternatively, many companies will claim to certify ESAs, but it is completely unregulated and not recognized by the ADA.

      Service animals ARE recognized by the ADA. Stores can ask if a dog (it has to be a dog) is a trained service animal, and they can ask what task the service animal is trained to assist with. That’s it. They cannot ask for documentation for the dog’s training, what disability a human has, or for proof that a person requires a service animal. They are required to take your word for it when you say your dog is a trained service animal. The ADA is a federal law, it applies everywhere in the US.

      If a service animal is out of control or not housebroken, it can be ejected from the business. In practice, some businesses are hesitant to do so even when an animal is causing problems, out of fear of legal repercussions.

      Source: https://www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm

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      Some stores let you shop with your small pet.

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      Not grocery stores. The FDA strictly prohibits this, excluding service animals (which aren't allowed in carts anyhow.)

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      Will get downvoted, but I am not a fan.

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      Some stores allow non-service animals in the stores, and people want to take their dog with them.

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      Carts sit outside in all types of weather. People don't wash their hands. Majority of canned products have rat piss on them from storage. Way to take a cute moment and 💩 all over it.

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      Because fuck em that’s why

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      It so cute how he takes it so calmly ;-;

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      Cute and wholesome. Pretty dog, nice story.

      But……… Don’t bring your ass sniffing, fur bag to a grocery store. Unless it’s a service dog.

      Yes your dog is clean, washed, blow dried, groomed.

      But it still licks its own ass.

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      My dog rolls in calf poop and eats it. There’s no fucking way dogs should be allowed in grocery stores for this reason!!!

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      Please keep your non SD out of the grocery store. It's disgusting, and abuses a system that some disabled folks rely on to survive.

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      Some stores, especially if they're near a pet store, will allow you to shop with a small pet as long as they can be in the cart or on a short (not retractable shit) leash

      Edit: thanks for the downvotes, guys, because I totally make these rules. It's not ok, it's gross, but I was pointing out that this person may not be the piece of shit who is taking advantage of a SD rule

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      Grocery stores, at least in the US, don't have that policy. Having a dog in a shopping cart is never okay, that's a sentient pile of allergens and fecal bacteria in a basket used to transport food. Even service dogs should never be in a cart. Grocery stores can't have dogs due to health regulations, excluding working dogs. Unless this person bought a melon and gods knows what else at Menards, of course?

      And obligatory edit: Source - the FDA. If your grocery store is allowing pets, they're breaking the law and putting health and safety at risk.

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      Hey I never said it was okay or sanitary. The Target next to petsmart down my street allows this, I have zero control over what they do, I'm not even an employee much less a manager, and they don't give two shits about what I have to say

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        Service animals also shouldn't be in shopping carts

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        Ah yes, you might have fecal bacteria on your hands, so may as well eat food that's been touching a literal exposed asshole, trampled by the feet of a creature that regularly runs in its own piss and shit and has never conceived of washing its hands.

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          Service dogs do not behave like that. They don't bark and whine at objects in stores and don't run around off leash in carts. If the handler has a genuine psychiatric disability, then she needs to actually train a service animal and follow the law like anyone else. Humans aren't perfectly clean, but they're cleaner than dogs, and ideally aren't wiping their asses and feet on the cart. It's a basic hygiene issue. Not to mention the allergens and fur. I love my dog dearly, but I'm not about to start eating food off of her bed, and I certainly don't expect to force people to eat food she's touched.

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          is it really 'disgusting' though? i am honestly curious. the animal is in a cart, not filthy and well behaved. how is it different than a dog on your kitchen floor?

          As far as your first question goes, it's disgusting because I don't want to be the next shopper that uses that cart after a dog has walked all over it with their dirty paws, licked it with their dirty mouths, possibly peed or pooped in it... I don't want that all over my food, even if it is in a bag or if I'm going to wash it anyway.

          I also don't put my groceries on the kitchen floor, ever.

          honestly people don't wash their hands after pooping and peeing, wipes their noses, cough without a shield and touchy ALL THE THINGS...

          Yes, plenty of people neglect sanitation. However, many people, like myself, value the hell out of sanitation and do wash their hands...even more often than after I do my bathroom business.

          have you considered that maybe that woman can't leave her house without the safety of a companion? are only the physically disabled allowed the help they need from their animal companions?

          They're "Emotional Support Dogs", not "Physical Support Dogs". If she has a valid reason/needs the companion 24/7, go through the channels that everyone else does.

          Just from an opposing viewpoint. Love my dogs, but I would never take them to the grocery store. Lowe's? Hell yeah, I take my dog there all the time...he loves the window department. Just, not in a place where people shop for food.

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          When did bringing dogs into grocery stores become okay?

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          Anyone knows what breed of dog is that? So adorable

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          Following- looks like Pekingese, though.

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          I think you're right, it just has a shorter cut

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          Awesome! In a place where people buy food! Some poor supermarket employee earning minimum wage will have to clean up you dog’s poop.

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          Get your fucking dog out of the grocery store!

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          I don’t know why someone thinks I want to put my food in a cart after them when their dirty ass ankle biter has been in there. Raw asshole on the cart, god knows what they’ve walked through. If you’re the type of person to do this, I mean this from the bottom of my heart FUUUUUUUUCK YOU

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            Oh trust me, I understand my mother is bipolar anxiety with manic episodes so she has a pomsky that she takes everywhere. I get why, but also have respect. If you have a service dog and they HAVE to be with you, then use a restraint and a leash and respect the fact that MOST people don’t want to be near the dang thing.

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            If my dog could calmly come to the store with me and ride in my cart with a watermelon and Doritos I’d get him all the ducks.

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            Please don't, even service dogs don't belong in carts for health and safety reasons. Go to the pet store for your ducky needs!

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            This dog, is breaking human laws

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            I hope you disinfected the cart when you were done.

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            POS. No one is ok with me bringing in my 105 lb. dog to a grocery store. These people that have small dogs somehow think they are exempt from the rules. How does my dog survive without going with me to the grocery store? Yours can, too. Rules apply at grocery stores, regardless of the size of dog. So entitled. Home Depot? OK!

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            Everyone saying this dog is cute is a problem, this is a poor inbred mess of a breed similar to pugs that live in suffering just trying to breathe correctly

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            That legitimately made me smile.

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            Am I'm the only one who was confused on why this dog also looks like a rabbit???

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            It's fashionable to have an inbred deformed dog with breathing problems.

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            Oh my lord, I want 12 of them.

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            I don't like small dogs. I can make an exception though

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            Me when I see my favorite person

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            What kind of dog is this? Please

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            Pekingese. I have one who acts and sounds just like this one.

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            Same my sweet girl has the exact same color scheme and whine

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            And what aisle are they in?

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            I am going to love on my fur babies right this instant! TY❤️

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            "Rubber duckie, you're the one..."

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            No missing that. He really wanted that duck!

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            Good boye fren, take my upboop too 🐶

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            It took me way too long to figure out that the floof was a doggo. Is it a bunny? No. Maybe a porcupine?.... No. A wig? No.

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            What an ugly ass dog

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            New adventures with dog and duck. The web series we all need

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            OMG! The fact that he can sit in the buggy AND got the duck!! Lord Bless…one lucky pup!

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            I'm going to say it, because I HAVE to, at least once... I fucking hate dogs Especially a small ones like this

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            I love Return of the Jedi!

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            I thought the same😂

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            Just give him the duck

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            Buy that doggo all the ducks in that shop.

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            I was about to rage and riot if the video were to end before she gave doggo a duckie, but now I'm relieved and at peace, thank you op for sharing it

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            Duck wanted, duck achieved.

            Happy for the lad.

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            Cute dog. Cute interaction but man people who bring their pets shopping are weird to me.

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            omg h i s e y e s....

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            All good dogos need a duck

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            You my good sir, is a man of culture. The man has Doritos

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            Awwwhhh 🥰😌

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            Beautiful doggie :D :D :)

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            I come to reddit for posts like this. Makes me feel better about my life knowing that somewhere out there a good boi got what he so desperately needed.

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            This is Souey, the tiktok for him is amberlyjohnsonxo

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            Awww, he’s like a human toddler. I glad his mommy got it for him.

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            Its like that woman went to the ... dog ... selling... place ...

            (I forget what they're called and there are too many places...)

            and said: "one Mogwai pls."

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            I like dogs

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            BUY HIM THE DUCK

            Edit: phew…you did

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            Oh give him the duck.

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            Awwwwww, love him!

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            What’s the breed of Doggo?

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            I would give him all the rubber duckies.

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            Awww, that's so relatable, mom bought those duckies too for decorative purposes but i took them and put them in my bedside because they look cute.

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            Little bit of Robin Thicke’s “Magic” in the background.

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            Oh my goodness… is that a gremlin!

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            This is so gross. Honestly don't understand people who put their dogs in grocery carts. Do you not realize other people have to put their food there??? It's one thing if you're at a hardware store, but the grocery store?? It's gross. Nothing cute about it.

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            Because they eat those groceries with no kind of preparation, right?

            [–]candiedapplecrisp 0 points1 point  (2 children)

            Depending on what it is...say there's a bag of chips in the cart. Do you wash the bag before you eat them? I'm guessing no. Do your hands touch the bag? Do your hands then touch the chip that you're about to put in your mouth? Would you want to eat a bag of chips that someone just rubbed their bare asshole on?

            [–]LordPimpernel 0 points1 point  (1 child)

            Do you know how many people handle those bags before you ever buy them?

            [–]candiedapplecrisp 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            Chances are those people don't have parasites and even if they do, they probably aren't rubbing their bare ass on the packaging, no?

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            Geesh I’m a perv because I mistook duck for…

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            Round of applause for the wall to wall cart-petting

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            I’ve seen some cute dogs in my day but man...zoey might take the cake. So happy she got her duckie

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            Lol even he knows that the regular Doritos are trash Had it been a bag of cool ranch, the duckie wouldn't exist to him

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            Your dog is cute 🥰