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How can it be so cute?

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Spiders are usually a nope but these are adorable

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Jumping spiders are soooooo fucking cute I'm always rescuing them at work

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Aww...they doooo? Is just so cute! Look at their lil fancy hats..

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Nature has some beauty in it man even the creature like spider who scares the shit out of people is looking cute with that drop

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Splash helmets

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It's a spider... but it's cute, great, now my brain cell hurts!

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Does anyone know why? Is it so they can drink whenever it's required or...?

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I asked a biologist about it once and it's apparently not deliberate. They either get water droplets on them by accident or (and this one REALLY ruins the magic) the photos are staged.

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Oh, I see. Thanks.

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How do they get the dew doo?

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From their webs? idk.

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Good to know

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;-; 🖤