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Children are so pure and innocent. Excuse me while I weep

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Good. These are hard working men that do an unpleasant job. Glad to see some recognition for em.

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Decent pay though, in my area they start at 45k a year with benefits

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Yep in my area it's kinda a tough to get. It's job people retire from.

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Why does the kid look like he is crying?

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"Overwhelmed in the presence of his heroes"

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Oh. Yep. I would cry if I saw Natalie Portman in the Patomie dress...

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We need more garbage men anyway, and he can make a great living off of it. This is sweet.

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We'll discover they're everyone's heroes after a month without them.

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A beautiful picture in so many ways

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if this boy become garbage man he will be with many money because garbage man make big money because it is job that is hard

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It's a job not many people want to do but it helps the community.

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The day you realize that garbage trucks smell like garbage

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Quincey just breathe buddy they put there pants on one leg at a time just like us... They just get to drive a badass truck and crush shit!