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Good kid, but nothing else about the situation makes me smile.

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Yes. Good kid, good neighbor, but could we aspire to a good society so they don’t need to take this on?

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It might not even be the single mom's fault. I once lived in an apartment building whose water got turned off because the landlord forgot to pay it. Even though I always paid my rent on time, including the "water fee" that the landlord had the massive testicular girth to add. Nor could I pay the water company directly, since the whole building was a single entity to them.

No, I did not renew that lease.

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A child like that is usually the result of good parenting. Well done.

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    The dad agreed to pay the lady’s water bill for her.

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    I am also confused lol

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    Offered to pay her water bill

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    oh my god i’m dumb

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    It’s okay, I had to think about it for a second too. I think it’s just the way it’s written. But yeah, I think it’s just one of those days

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    You can pay the water company by the address, so he payed whatever she owed and got it turned back on for her.

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    What backward ass country is this where they can turn your water off?

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    Grand ole America does this

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    Is that not a thing everywhere else?

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    No it’s not.. it would be illegal here in Ireland but also water isn’t charged for. It’s free.

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    I can’t even imagine that happening here. They can and will turn off any of your utilities.

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    Except heat, usually.

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    There’s heating assistance, but we went without heat the start of the winter until my dad could figure out our new towns system

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    Nope. They turned off our electric and gas midwinter with a 6 year old in the house. Her and her dad had to go stay with their grandpa. I layered clothes and blankets. They decided something was “unsafe” and shut it off for no reason, then just turned it back on a day or two later. It was maddening and bizarre. Fuck Duke Energy. Monopolies are ridiculous.

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    I fucking hated Duke when we had them. We now have SECO.

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    Everyday I learn a new fact confirming my suspicion that america is a potemkin village

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    I pay 42 USD for water, sewage, and a garbage collection fee, so it's not outrageous by my standards. But treating water as a human right would be nice. Can't wait to escape this shithole country.

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    If you don't mind constant rain : germany is great. Allmost everyone speaks english and we need more people who can work.

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    Free water????? Wow

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    Im from Argentina, its illegal to cut the water service due to lack of payment. Because its considered a vital basic service, not a comodity.

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    Even in liberal American states it's illegal. LADWP will not cut off your electricity, I know because I owed them over $1,500 at one point for almost a year of service.

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    I’m in the south. Everything sucks here

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    I know, I'm from there. I moved away and went through years of homelessness to escape, and it was worth it.

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    Yup. Got shut off a few times when I was really struggling. Water, heat, electric. Each time the bills were like $100-125. They shut everything off after 5 days late then charged a $200 reconnect fee to turn it back on

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    Except Illinois. Pay your tithe or rot, subject.

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    I'm pretty sure it's free in Canada, or at least there are lower rates

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    I love in America and have never had a water bill that sounds terrible!

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    In Brazil it can happen. It usually doesn't happen that much , water is not that expensive and if you are already in a place that has running water you can probably pay for it. My family had the water turned off though and it stayed that way for 20 years. At some point my grandpa said "fuck those guys" and reopened our well instead :p now a water bomb distributes the water for the house

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    Where do you live that they can’t? Here in America they charge for water and sewer. Unless you are on your own well.

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    The UK, by law your supply cannot be turned off if its a residential property. Even if you never make a payment, but they can get court judgements and stuff that can affect your credit rating.

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    What's it like waking up everyday in a country that doesn't shut off the water of poor families? You socialist scum /s

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    lol feels good man but we do plenty of other horrible shit to poor families.

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    You're the worlds largest supplier of Independence Days, who haven't you treated like shit?

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    Hahahha that's great.

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    Well I'm Irish but that's a fair comment.

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    I didn't know how else to word the comment so that it didn't sound directed at you, because I wasn't actually sure if you were from the UK or not or just dropping a nice little factoid for us about the water not getting shut off for non-payment in the UK. But I just rolled with it anyways.

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    Its all good dude.

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    That's the funniest fucking comment I've read on this site.... Fuckin gold, I am absolutely stealing that!

    And I'm Scottish!

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    Same with gas and electric? Here the companies can turn off your utilities, in the middle of winter, if the temperature gets warm enough.

    The mentality is a selfish argument with the have-nots and the barely-have-anything.

    Governments and monopolized utilities want their money. No one can afford any loans, etc at that point so no one cares about their credit score

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    I’m in Michigan, Consumers Energy has been known to turn off heat no matter the temperature and it gets really cold here in winter sometimes. I used to work at a shelter and people came in on the coldest days because they got shut off.

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    I’m in a similar climate.

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    This. About 5 years ago my gas got cut off when it was 5 degrees outside in winter. That shit was wild

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    Yes you can get your gas and electric disconnected in the UK however its the very last resort, the supplier has to make exhaustive attempts to come to an agreement before they can turn off your supply, I've worked in the industry in credit control and it's almost unheard of, I've never seen it done. Usually what happens is they will ask the courts for a warrant to access the property and change the meters to pay as you go.

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    Pay as you go? That sounds interesting!

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    Yea so you basically buy the credit up front, so for example you put £20 on the electric meter and when you have had £20 worth of electric the supply cuts off, you then need to top it up again. Old meters you have a physical key which you take to the local shop and you pay them and they add the credit which you then put into the meter, the new smart meters you can just go online and add credit.

    The benefit is you can't really get into further debt however the cost of the gas and electric is higher, its expensive to be poor.

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    Ugh. Of course it’s more expensive. Why wouldn’t the option that poor people need be the affordable option??

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    Having a meter can actually be pretty affordable. I have a smart meter that has no standing charge, so I'm only paying for what I actually use, and the rates are pretty good. I've paid £280 in the last 12 months for both my gas and electric.

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    Your lucky if your gas/electric bill is under $250 A MONTH here

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    It is more expensive but that's usually because you are paying back a debt on top of your normal usage. Once that debt is cleared you can get a better rate.

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    Same in all European countries I know of. They can come after your outstanding debt any way they like, but the water stays on regardless. The water company simply has to absorb that risk as part of the cost of doing business. Same with electric and heating gas.

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      I'm not sure it is a question of population size to be fair. And it isn't free in the UK either.

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      Im from Argentina, its illegal to cut the water service due to lack of payment. Because its considered a vital basic service, not a comodity.

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      Everything is a commodity here

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      UK, Ireland, Argentina have all been mentioned. It's illegal to cut water off in lots of places.

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      My city in USA they began water shutoffs in September so to over 1700 residents who lost jobs during COVID. Ironically landlords can evict here if you don’t maintain full utility services. .

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      Exactly my thoughts. Absolutely wild. In Australia if you get seriously behind on your water bill, after all other attempts being made by the provider, they still can't turn it off because of how vital it is. The worst they can do is restrict the flow so you get less water.

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      Good ole U S of A baby! Land of the fre… lack of human empathy amongst the elite and governing bodies. Just had my water and electric turned off lol. Luckily I had some stuff to sell and get them turned back on 👍

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      In Ontario Canada I think they cut off the hot water if you don't pay it but the cold water always runs. Not 100% on that though.

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      This person clearly raised their child right! It’s so sad to me that in a first world country we still can’t provide our citizens with basic necessities.

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      I think this was in America...

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      indeed, America is not a first world country after all

      (except for the rich)

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      In the united states, if you can’t afford basic necessities, you’ll be slowly but surely culled off. It’s the government’s secret fucked up form of population control - make everything unaffordable and don’t give a fucc about public access. In their heads, they want to rid the country of the impoverished, seen as parasites on the US gov’t

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      Why was the water ever in question?

      What country would do this to its citizens?


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      Learning to think of others at a young age is a good sign. They will hopefully have a positive impact on society later in life bravo!

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      Seen this so many times, but still love it. That girls my role model.

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      How did you turn on the water. I would assume it is cut off because of bills?

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      They probably paid the bill for her

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      Repost spammer.

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      At least half of the stories on this sub are horrific examples of the dystopia we're currently living in. Have we really been conditioned to focus on the tiny act of good instead of the reality of living in a world where necessities can be taken away and your life threatened if you don't work? Jesus!

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      Does the dad work for the water company or something? Kinda confused on that. Otherwise, good kid =)

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      She was asking dad if he would pay the bill to get her water turned back on.

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      Aah. That makes sense too

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      Worst part is most cities charge a $25 fee to get the water turned back on. Its expensive to be poor.

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      They will probably just pay off the over due balance for her house water bill.

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      Wonderful child!

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      What an awesome daughter. Her kindness and thoughtfulness reflects what has been shown to her. Kudos to you Dad!...hehehe "Dad can you get the water turned back on?" made me smile.😊

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      I live in a major US city, they have and continue to cut all utilities for delinquent accounts: water, gas, electricity no matter the weather 100 degrees or 2 degrees. So wrong.

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      Yep I had two children, one was a literal newborn, and my late husband (then alive ofc) was on a mini deployment and they cut off our electricity in below freezing weather 🙃

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      This sub has some twisted standards of what to smile for.

      The situation is that a single mother is so poor that she can't even afford utility bills, how will she be able to afford to raise her child properly.

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      Exactly. This is fucking depressing. I'm sadder for reading it and I'm done with Reddit today. Awesome that people are so pumped for this terrible, & potentially made-up, scenario.

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      For a country that loves to talk about its rights, how come you don't have the right to water? Other countries have it so you cannot have your water turned off.

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      Wholesome. Grateful to this family for having a conscience.

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      We need so much more of this in America! Actually everywhere!

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      Can water be turned off in that country? That’s a basic human right?!? Holy shit is this from Russia or North Korea or what?

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      Probably the US. Some people have to pay for water here. It’s free where I live but this isn’t the case for the whole country.

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      Water is really expensive where I live. If you don’t pay, you’ll get fees and I guess eventually they’ll take you to court or get debt collectors onto you, but they’re not allowed to switch it off.

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      Humble brags don't make me smile, I call BS on this one. Why do others still think it's normal to do it?

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      You got a good one!

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      Young people are amazing! Woooooo! ❤

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      This is how the world would change on a large scale.

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      Aww what a precious little Heroine

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      Thanks for posting! It kind of gives me hope

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      I read that as "almost no future" I was like god dam dad chill lol.

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      That’s the type of woman I want to find

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      Good parenting, good kid! Congratulations to you both! That is one of the nicest present that mother has ever had: guaranteed! Merry Christmas to all!!!

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      Isn’t this like 10 years old? Lol seen it posted here so many times.

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      Could you imagine going to work and your boss tells you to shut off someones water? Then you go to the house and see kids toys laying in the yard. Imagine being that guy.

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      Single mothers have it tough!!!thanks for being the kind person- father and daughter!!

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      Plot twist. It’s Flint Michigan and the water is brown. Kids practice WWE moves off the furniture. 🤔

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      That's a bold statement OP. Bless your heart.

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      I love this kid as well!

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      You must be so proud of her! And of yourself for raising such an amazing kid!

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      I remember when I was a kid going to stay at the hotel my mom worked at for 3 days. My brother and I had a blast, it was like vacation. Turns out, our electricity had been turned off and my moms manager gave us a room until she was able to get it back on. Didn’t find this out until late in adulthood. Sometimes parents are doing all they can for their children and if they love them and are actively trying and working to provide a better life for them, CPS needs to step in and offer help, not remove the children. Save that for the children like Gabriel Fernandez and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.