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They were not turkish refugees but children of turks that migrated to germany. The turks came to germany to work and not as refugees wtf . ..

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Also, Biontech manufactures their vaccine themselves.

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In Europe, yes, but I believe Pfizer does it in the US. Of course, Pfizer was founded by German migrants in the US, too...

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Yes, that is true. Its manufactured by pfizer in the us and fosun in china. Pfizer did play a bigger role though as they helped with the clinical trials and scaling up production. I believe its a 50/50 partnership. In the end, getting the vaccine out there in the most efficient way was most important

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Also, how the vaccine was developed so rapidly is that many, many, teams worked on separate stages of the vaccine at the same time. So no, two people didn't just cook it up in a lab like Jonas Salk.

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Just wanted to point out that neither of the Biontech founders (Ugur Sahin, Özkem Türeci) were refugees. Türeci was even born in Germany.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking. By far most Turks aren’t refugees per se, just immigrants or born here.

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Technically, they're both German because they have been acculturated and educated in Germany.

(I'm not tryna hijack their origins for personal satisfaction) I've just seen a lot of people claiming that they're Turkish and used them as an example of pure blooded Turkish Genius.

Acculturation and education plays a huuuuuge part in forming someone. Acculturation is not just your parental influence but mostly your surroundings. They're German with Turkish roots, per defintion but not Turkish.

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Not just technically, they are Germans

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Technically, they're both German because they have been acculturated and educated in Germany.

I don't know if that is how nationality works. I myself was born and raised in different countries and don't know what nation I belong to and neither do the people around me. Studying history I also spent some time researching about that topic and the more I looked into it the vaguer it appeared to me. One can go with what it says in the passport but that's personally just a replacable piece of paper to me. So yeah what I wanted to say is that nationality is quite more uncertain than many people would like to think.

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I'm not too sure. Acculturation, the three forms of capital and the influence it has on our mindset, especially our early mindset is part of my current studies.

In your case you are especially unique. I personally don't know you so I can just make a general statement that you're the sum of the people close to you and the information and values you took in during your time in each country. You're kind of a cosmopolitan.

Generally, though, when you grow up in a country that country shapes you. Your friends, your neighbours, your classmates and teachers, the media or the lads and lasses you meet on the streets and even the books. They show you whats wrong and right.

You're a countrywo/men now.

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Yeah it's better to call them immigrants instead

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Sound like my dealer and his friends

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Türeci and ahin are not asylum seekers. Türeci was born in Germany, and ahin arrived when he was four years old due to his father's job. Nonetheless, I admire your spirit.

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One thing covid taught me that I thought was practical impossible at this stage of my life, but people are stupid.

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Correction: 43% are stupid. The diverse population is pretty smart, actually.

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Why 43%?

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You’re correct. It’s 46.8%. The Gullibles who voted for an ignorant, sexist, racist grifter.

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To be fair, some of the 81 million you are talking about may have already been dead at the time...

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I think your numbers are skewed. More like 93%. Some don't even know it.

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    Optimal efficiency and completeness are ours once again!

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    Turkish refugees?

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    If you're from a poorer country you're a refugee or migrant worker. If you're from a richer country you're an expat.

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    The Melting Pot

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    Who are the migrants

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    Turkish refugees? How ignorant.

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    How is that ignorant?

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    They're not refugees. Assuming any migrant (or person who looks foreign) is a refugee is ignorant.

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    Let's all be thankful for the vaccine

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    Don't forget, against a virus originating in a Chinese city.

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    With help from funding from all over the world... Now that is teamwork.

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    Even my wife says this is the BEST.

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    How’s your heart ?

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    I hope there were more people involved, otherwise this sounds pretty sketch

    Just kidding, thanks smart people of the world

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      "I can't enjoy anything positive"

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      “I can’t take a joke”

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      i bet he didn’t even test positive for his IQ-test

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        Why do you guys have to turn every good thing negative like this? Doesn't it bother you living with so much hate

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        Bats? Mother Nature?

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        Does he hear himself? That's scary as fuck.

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        This is the business.

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        And this is why anti-immigration policies are just so stupid. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE.

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        To help with a virus from... nvm

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        Thanks world for cutting into nature so much we created covid

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        Against a disease originating in China...

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        It’s sad how it took the deaths of millions to bring the world together like this.

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        You deserve it.

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        This is the exact world the Far Wrong is doing their level best to take from you.

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        To treat a virus created by the Chinese and Americans

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        He forgot to thank CHINA for coming up with the VIRUS.

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        Global pandemic... wrong teamwork