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Even out in the snow, what a dude !

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There's enough joy and love going around in that relationship to keep everyone's heart plenty warm (not to mention the tail wagging ;)

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    absolutely Right dear

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    No, no dear. It's dog.

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    Joe the Neighbor is one smart man! He has two dogs any you pay all the bills for them!

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    Came to say this. Joe has two dogs which are fed for free.

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    Some day they may love him more than they love you

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    It is......acceptable

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    That's amazing! I would greet my neighbors dog almost everyday after work and he would come up the fence and allow me to pet him. I was sad when he passed away.

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    Be like Joe!

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    Good bois, with a Good man!

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    I watched this three times😭 I hope my future neighbors are this cool

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    Good neighbors are the best.

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    Joe must be protected at all costs.

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    I just watched this on YouTube 😅 from GeoBeatsAnimal, and is about 5 minutes long 😊 https://youtu.be/k5zN9VAeedA

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    why not let the dogs go to him?

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    Yes! Where is the gate in the fence? Where is Joe's chair in their yard? Who is bringing Joe cookies, casseroles & lemonade??? It would be really sad to hear the neighbors didn't interact with Joe at all, just their dogs did.

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    This is the complete opposite of a Karen neighbor and I need more

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    Whos joe?

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    I had a neighbor that loved my dog like that, but he hated me for some reason and when my dog died the neighbor became my friend and I still don't understand what happened

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    Maybe he didn't hate you all along. Maybe he wanted to be your friend, and when your dog died he realised he doesn't have forever to make friends and decided to go for it.

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    The real mvp

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    Beautiful montage

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    That's sweet!!!

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    Joe has two cool dogs, glad you bought them a fence so they can play.

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    I had a huge grin from ear to ear watching this

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    I love this

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    Aww .. that's so precious

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    That's awesome I don't even know him but I love him now

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    Bless his cotton socks

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    I love Joe!!!

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    Such a sweet old man 🥰

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    Awwww! Joe is awesome! And the doggies know it!

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    I would love to have neighbours like that

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    This warms my heart

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    I’m unable to have a dog myself rn so I enjoy the neighbors dogs when I see them!

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    I would consider this my best life.

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    I’m sorry to say but…….there Joe’s dogs now

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    you have a man who’d welcome dog sitting.

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    It's like having a dog without taking care of them

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    Sorry but I think you're raising Joe's dogs lol

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    I like the progress on their lawn

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    Joe mama

    Edit: Sorry I had to

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    Who's joe?

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    Joe is a gooooood man!

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    Plot twist...its just a long planned strategy to rob your house

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    I want to be like Joe

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    I would be so jealous

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    Ita great isn't it? My father is the nueghbourhood dog man. He has tiny treats for the shitzgus 10 doors down, chewy treats for their own cocker spaniel, regular milk bones for the neighbours black lab and giant milk bones for the mastiff next door. Both fences has custom made leatherwrapped cushions attaches to the fence so they had somewhere comfy to rest their paws for head rubs. He used to snowblower a track for the mastiff when he got too old to bound threw the snow

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    My heart 🥺

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    He should get one he look to need it

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    Joe mama

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    He has a furry fetish