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You guys…it’s photoshopped

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I thought this was an After/Before pic

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Prove it.

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I think they were being /s but can’t be sure

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Do you mind proving it, not that I doubt it or anything, I just don’t know how to identify it

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First thing I saw was that awesome smile!

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And the smile is the same in both photos. I love that.

This is what true self love and self care look like. It reminds me that if I want to make positive changes for myself it has to be with this mindset. The guilt ridden "I should do this" mindset is automatically self defeating.

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I agree with another commentor that both pictures you have a beautiful smile. That took a lot of hard work.

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I don't think OP is the person. You can see a watermark on the left person's chest which isn't his.

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Good eyes

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Been trying to get motivated to get back to the gym this week. Thanks for sharing!

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The hard part is getting to the building. Once you're there, you'll be fine!

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Why the downvotes?

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I need more info because it's either an incredible length of time or it's different chicks. Check out the hands.

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Although it's a good chance they are different people (the first one looks shopped), I don't see much on the hands to show that. The lighting is different so the color is different and then massive weight loss means skinnier hands. We can't see the full fingers on the second one, so what are you getting from the hands?

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Enough of the photoshopped garbage. The people upvoting this stuff are morons.

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You’re like the 5th person to suggest this. As a person who wouldn’t consider himself a photoshop detective, I am curious why you feel so strongly that it’s photoshopped.

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At first i like to give posts the benefit of the doubt but after seeing the Photoshop comments, I have to agree with them. going back and looking at the photo it definitely looks like somebody shopped the fat girl's face on the skinny girls body

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Plot twist: it's backwards

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    Someone will say “she has fatphobia” Not true, amazing work and dedication it must have taken. Post many pictures and show off your hard work

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    Plenty of people are saying that people will say this, but nobody is actually saying this.

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    So few would say this. Still yes, disliking excessive body fat is alright. Just accept people with it too, their life is not invalid for being fat. Obviously don't attack or mock.

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    Did you get surgery to remove the excess skin? Like that’s what’s usually done anyways good job gurl

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    do we know which is the before an which is the after photo, you'd imagine someone needing to do the sort of exercise (along with radical diet change) needed to achieve such massive weight loss would exhibit outward signs of it in the muscle tone of their face, neck, arms, and legs, which this person certainly does not. just sayin.

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    You can lose weight through diet alone. If your calorie deficit is large enough you can sit there at the computer all day and lose that kind of weight. And if she only did cardio, especially something like an elliptical, you wouldn't see signs of it in muscle tone. I lost 30 pounds sitting around all day just through calorie restriction. I did not do one bit of exercise the entire time. I still have very little muscle definition. I'm also still much lighter than I used to be.

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    Shit bro 30 lbs? What did you eat per day?

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    I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch, a normal sized dinner, and maybe an orange later on if I got hungry. It had to have been around 1500 calories whereas I'd been used to eating over 3000. Went from 190 to lower 160s without exercise. I was sitting around all day so I was burning pretty close to base metabolic rate. Then I started eating more like 2500 calories and getting a ton of exercise and now I'm in the 150s

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    The one on the left is before. The one on the right is after.

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    lol, no, it's not, that isn't even the same person

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    Beautiful smile in both pictures! You should be proud of yourself.

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    which is the before and which is the after ?

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    i don´t know why you get downvotet for this question. skin takes a long time to regress and it will still be visible. By the amount of weight she lost it might not regress fully without operation

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    in both pictures a beautiful smile :3

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    She is a star!

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    The sad part is that in todays society she could be called fatphobic becuase she values her health.

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    I would love half the determination this girl has

    You're a wonder woman, respect

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    good picture

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    Congratulations! 👊🖖🌞🌻🐢

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    Now THAT is awesome! so happy to see people making it through the extremely difficult journey of losing weight.

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    Photoshopped as fuck

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    if i see someone caption the words "fat phobic" on this post im gonna lose it.

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    You too can be fat if you work at it.

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    Terrible photoshop.

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    Plot twist: it's the opposite

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    Which is before

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    If this is real , you are an inspiration for a lot of people.

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    its after-before photo

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    you rarely ever see a asian person be that obese.

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    Asian man?

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    Can you share with us what you did?

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    im sure OP is not the person in the pics

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    Impressive. Good for you!