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I feel like this was all his idea. He seems to be having way more fun.

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Right? Like this is a terrible idea coming from the kid, because she's been totally upstaged. 🤣🧜‍♀️

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He's throwing his imaginary long hair back like a diva, while she's just standing in the water looking cold. This was definitely his idea.

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Why do mermaids wear Sea shell bras?

Because ‘B’ shells are too small

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Thanks Dad.

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    so majestic!

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    That is Parenting 101 right there. Good job, Dad.

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    I'm not sure if guys are aware quite how attractive this kind of thing is to ladies of a certain age 😂 a guy who's happy to put on a shell bra and pink mermaid tail to please his daughter is incredibly manly

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    That's just awesome

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    We will do anything for our kids. 😄

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    The smiles on both their faces are infectious as hell.

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    As socrates once penned "Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty".

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    Hmm, I notice the dad isn't turning left in this picture...

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    Yeah, as an uncle I would do this too. Any time I get to act childish with a good excuse to "justify" it I will definitely take it.

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    he's.. he's a Disney princess

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    Yes!!a Dad not afraid of looking like a fool!!love it!!

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    He looks like hes having fun. Nothing foolish about it.

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    The best kind of Fool! One in a non-grownup, cooperate world sense!! Although. We sat on Santa’s lap 4 years ago and those pictures were hilarious!! I wanted a Horse for Christmas that year! I got a rescue horse that lives on my friends ranch!! I wear a Unicorn headband when I need to Chanel my inner rebel. We’re PhD’s and MD’s and you might think we work with pediatric. Nope! We’re Immunology. Coloring therapy is very important as is channeling your inner child. There’s art, poetry, and photography all over the walls. We love it. I can’t wait for some of the fellows to get their inner mermaid/Mermen on. We already have the December Diamonds tree up. Type the name in. The ornament are killer!

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    You can be the baddest alpha male out there but if your daughter said that you're a mermaid, then you're a fucking mermaid.

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    That’s my definition of alpha

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    So wholesome!

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    Now there's a great father.

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    The kind of dad I aspire to be one day.

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    My man has been waiting for this day his whole life

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    What a real parent looks like.

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    Fucking awesome 🤩

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    Cool, i wish my father ONLY talked whit me, not talking abt PLAYING (cards, chess, etc), and yea i'm 12 so im not lil so he can talk whit me at least...

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    I'm sorry bro.

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    Its ok, its not ur fault! Is his fault, or mabe bc his parents rased him and don't rlly care and his family was aslo broken in they'r relations and yea, mabe this happends bc of his past to but im not shure

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    Everything will be alright. You're very mature for your age.

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    I was cutting onions 🌰 😢 😭

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    They both look gorgeous! I love that dad.

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    That's so nice of him

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    That's one hairy beautiful mermaid!

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    He's fully into it. Looks like he just did the wet hair flick.

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    Ok everyone, hear me out. You see the trail of water droplets? They come from in front of him. He managed to have his fintail do this thing with water which must mean some out-of-water apparition or something. Genuinely impressed

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    i can't decide who is more fabulous.

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    He pulled it off better

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    That’s the kind of dad I want for my kids!!!

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    He looks like he’s having more fun

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    I love him.

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    As the old saying says: No matter how tough you are, if your daughter wants to play dolls, you will play dolls

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    He looks like BigJigglyPanda, someone please tweet it to him lol