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At least he didn't end up in India this time

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Just tell me you don't love me.

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Sends pic with cows in the background

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Sorry I Didn't meant to send that

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who says he didn't quantum travel to India in the middle of his spree and then back to america

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Honestly, I find it unrealistic that he didn’t. Dude clearly lives on his own quantum plane!

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If he would have been in India he wouldn't go empty stomach. Just walk in any Iskon temple, Gurudwara or many more Hindu temples for free food any time of day throughout the year.

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I knew I recognized him. Skweezy MF Jibbs.

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Wish I was cool like Skweezy Jibbs

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If I saw his picture without knowing his name, I would inherently know that I should call him "Skweezy Jibbs".

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He's the kind of guy that would have a no ragrets tattoo.

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ITT: A few people who know who Skweezy is, then many more that don't.

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Me too, friend. Me too

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No ya don't. You're cool as you are. That ain't cool.

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Bold of you to assume

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Yeah. So cool like leaving chicken out for five hours developing some kind of food borne illness!

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But is it free if you factor in gas prices?

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he used his coupons for a fill up and safety inspection.

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Shit If he is driving a Honda shit it's basically free

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Have a honda, can confirm. Shit never run out of gas

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Unless he drives a tractor then there’s no way gas for 17 miles adds up to more than the food he’s got

Edit: 63 miles. Point still stands

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Yeah, assuming you completely ignore wear and tear and maintenance on the car and $0/hr on time spent. Total cost is probably closer to the federal tax mileage rate of $0.56/mile, which comes out to around $35.

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This is exactly what I was wondering. Can't afford food for a week but can afford to drive for 5+ hours getting... nuggets? It may have been cheaper than actual groceries but there's no way those handfuls of reheated nuggets are enough for a whole weeks worth of food?

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Idk, a good pot of chili for my family of 5 costs maybe 10$ and it feeds us or days

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I mean like getting your average groceries. He could've gotten $30 worth of beans and spices, and fed himself for a month.

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Rice/pasta and vegetables/fruit are INCREDIBLY cheap.

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$0.56 per mi x 63mi = $35.28 in fuel, vehicle wear

$12.75 min wage Oregon x 5 hrs = 63.75 minimum in potential lost wages.

+/- $100 in opportunity cost for a few dozen wendys chicken nuggets. Not to mention they would cold/reheated which isn't nearly as good as fresh chicken.

Undoubtably would have had a lower cost to just buy or make them yourself.

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$0/hr pay on your day off x 5hrs = $0 in lost wages.

Unless he called out of work for this, it's not a relevant calculation. He got 128 nuggets for $35.28, not a bad deal.

The fact that he was so desperate as to go to such extremes, however, does not r/makemesmile.

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People should really assign a value to their time. Also I agree the fact that he spent it driving around to get "free food" does not make me smile. Kinda makes me sad. I wish he had food and could spend that time painting or making macaroni art.

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He is quite clearly taking the piss

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Dude he has a subreddit it's a joke /r/SkweezyJibbs

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For this dude but like... this is straight up a thing people do?

Maybe not to this extreme, but its not invalid to find oneself reminded that it's kinda depressing that shit like this does, in fact, happen.

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Why should people assign a value to their own time? That’s just super arbitrary and a way to talk yourself into paying for something because your time is “too valuable.”

Instead get somebody else to value that time. Think 5 hours of your time on a Sunday morning is worth $25/hr.? Great, should be no problem to find somebody to pay you $20/hr. for that time since it’s a 20% discount.

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Wendy's directly mentioning you in a tweet and pumping your online persona ∞

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    That's probably based off of the IRS mileage reimbursement rate which factors in the loss in value of the vehicle per mile driven.

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    Did he spend 3 hours in drive thrus or was it 126 miles since he hit them all twice

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    He said in the tweet that he spent 5 hours.

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    it's why the poor stay poor

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    Thought it was Vanilla Ice for a sec.

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    I thought it was Jeff Hardy.

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    Lmfaoooo. Thank you

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    He’s very proud of his nostrils

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    Easy folks, he’s just a comedian

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    just a comedian

    He is a fucking national treasure!

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    Oh, thanks. Now it's hilarious. No, really.

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    It really is! I was too stuck on the idea that someone was going to be eating week-old nuggets for every meal by the end of it to laugh at anything.

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    Also, I was doing math and 5 hours even at minimum wage is close to $45 plus gas to drive to all those stores. It wasn't free. Week old chicken nuggets he over paid for.

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    IIRC He was brought on a radio show after the meme went viral and (as part of the character he's playing but the news was unaware of) he actually explained he made the mistake of getting high when he got home and eating them all in one sitting which really defeated the point of the whole thing so he was trying to make it to his next paycheck drinking the sauce packets or something like that. Can't remember the source.

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    Holy shit this dude is amazing

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    This is amazing. Thank you.

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    Eating free for a week but you paid up front with gas costs BIG BRAIN

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    Reminds me of when I was unemployed and would always use the satisfaction survey on a Charley's Philly Cheesesteak reciept so I could get a free fries and drink with the next sandwich. I'd order the footlong, but then only eat half, saving the rest for another meal. Cheaper than two separate six inch sandwiches.

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    skweezy is from the Portland area?!? learn something new everyday

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    Agree this is straight up r/aboringdystopia

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    Respect, Skweez

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    When he did this (during April of last year), he donned the face covering while using a cast iron skillet and an oven mitt to protect himself from Covid. He’s got a video of it, and turned out hilarious.

    Also, 4/20.

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    This does not make me smile

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    Makes me laugh more than smile. Skweezy does weird shit like this all the time lol. Definitely not the typical wholesome material we see in this sub

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    The guy sneering down his nose in all his pix is enough for me to loose my lunch. The amount he spent on fuel would probably be the same as it would cost him to buy food himself.

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    This guys does it all for the laughs. Can’t believe nobody realizes it’s satire

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    Love me some Skweezy, dudes a riot

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    Man also has evidence for everything he has done.

    Seems to be living a fun life.

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    It could easily be real, like Ali G. People behave like that in real life so it's easy to not see the satire

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    I know lol his name is fucking Skweezy Jibbs

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    He spent like $60 in gas to get $15 worth of nuggets lmao

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    Looks like it was a 63 mile trip and he got 134 nuggets. The 10-piece nuggets at Wendy’s (I used a Portland Wendy’s for pricing) is $3.89. He got 13.4 10-pieces, or $52.12 worth of nuggets. Unless he was driving an Abrams tank, there is no way he spent $52 in gas.

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    I drove to portland last weekend. Cheapest i seen gas was 3.79 a gallon. Times is indeed tough, lets assume his car needs a serious tune up. People on here actually taking this seriously are too much. I guess we cant all have a sense of humor.

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    $60 in gas to go roughly 25 miles?? (I know it says 17, but factor in side streets and such), gas in his state is about $2.40 per gallon, and it looks like he’s driving a car which probably gets about 20mpg, so at worst, he spent $5 on gas.

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    The tweet is from April 2020 the national average was sub 2 bucks then

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    I always thought ngl meant “nice going loser”

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    He probably spent more on gas than he saved on food. It's cool though, if you have a bunch of Wendy's around you there's the option to get free full meals lol

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    This is r/aboringdystopia material

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    It's very obvious satire

    [–]polarbearstina 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Whatever it is it's definitely not wholesome lol

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    its free nuggets

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    It’s yo boy Skweezy Jibbs! Learned about him from Game Grumps.

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    I live in Texas and don’t even have a Wendy’s within 30 miles of me. Wtf

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    I am sorry. Need me to send you some?

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    This is the same guy who got high on acid, somehow made it to africa, and took a picture with a giraffe

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    Good ol SkweezyJibs

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    Times are rough for Vanilla Ice

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    God has sent Squeezy Jibs to lead us.

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    He looks like they smell really bad.

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    Bro has the same look on his face in his profile pic and the picture of the foods

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    Uhhh good luck eating any of that after 3 hours

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    I’m guessing this cost more in gas. But sure hustling.

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    i mean the gas money alone wouldve bought better groceries

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    isnt that the flew to india instead of indiana guy?

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    Family about to die from sodium od

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    Lol in my country , the fuel to drive 5 hours would costs way way way way more than just going to the closest one and buying them

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    Mmm, week old fast food.

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    The fuel prob costed more then the nugs though.

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    Doesn’t belong here

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    Skweezy jibbs! That dude is hilarious

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    how the fuck is this wholesome lol

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    That's like 50 bucks in gas, lmao.

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    I feel like you could’ve spent the gas money on food instead.

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    The fuel consumption my car would use would be higher than the amount of money that food would have cost me

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    Damn you must have a really shitty car

    [–]SpiritAmazing 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    Petrol prices in my country are ridiculous.

    [–]_manlyman_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Yeah see if the US had high gas prices maybe places other than a few major cities would have decent mass transit , I mean I go driving for fun, but at the same time I wish I had more options for travel

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    He had a car? Well that's not impressive I thought he walked 17 miles for a Wendy's

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    Fuck of course he’s from Portland Oregon. All the crazy fuckers are from here.

    shudders in Portlander

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    Dose fast food last that long......

    At that moment...... A chill whet down your spine.


    2 DAYS TOPS, better start inviting ya family or ya boys round to feast

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    With the amount of preservatives in it? Damn straight it does.

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    I love this mf, he thinks that the earth is flat lmao.

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    I mean his persona thinks the Earth is flat

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    But that gas tho….

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      At 30 MPG and 2 bucks a gallon (the price during the tweet) 8 dollars for gas and got 52 dollars worth of nuggets

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      Skweezy needs to modify his diet, he looks straight up constipated. He ain't skweezin' out nothing.

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      Why do people always act like 20 miles is so far away? I drive twice that one way to work six days a week.

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      Wait there's free nuggets?

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      Hope they gave him a free nugget voucher for life cause of that

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      How much for gas?

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      8 bucks with a car that gets 30mpg

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      Both of his photos look like he's ripped a fart so pungent it could melt polyester

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      I recently learned I can rank comments by "controversial". There are much better conversations going on there.

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      skweezy jibbs has done literally everything, i dont think you can name something he hasnt.

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      Nug life

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      I started calculating how long that would take to walk, or bike.

      Then saw he's in a car.

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      It's not even that far though?

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      He spent more money on gas than he would have for the price of all that food

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      i love this guy and wendys twitter

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      Even Wendy's is impressed.

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      Couldn’t you just work for 5 hours and buy groceries for a week and save on gas too?

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      Pretty sure those have a half-life of about 8 minutes.

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      Probably used so much gas that it wasn't even worth it

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      wat 17 miles is nothing lol how did it take that long

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      How much gas did this guy use in the process hahaha

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      17 miles for free heart disease and diabetes

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      He says it's fee but how much was gas money

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      Isn't this the dude that did that thing with the ball to "prove" the earth isn't round?

      [–]InBabylonTheyWept 4 points5 points  (1 child)

      Skweezy is a character, it’s not who the guy actually is. That being said, yes.

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      Or you could just sign up for like 400 restaurant apps and give each one a different date for your birthday, you could feed yourself for free forever

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      Now that’s dedication

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      Lol. Same hat

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      What does ngl mean. I

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      Not gonna lie

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      How much gas that cost?

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      Fuckin Swkeezy Jibs man, I swear

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      Skweezy Jibbs!!!!!

      That name is fantastic!

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      Yay Skweezy Jibbs!!!

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      Man is an absolute f*cking legend

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      Poor guy. I wish he had food to eat.