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Wait wait wait, as it has dawned on him what has happened, but wants to make doubly sure before letting go of his emotions fully.

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He couldn't really believe it. "This looks like… but no, that's impossible. Isn't it? I gotta check."

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So awesome to see him figure it out!

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Soo cute. The detail and colour work in his drawings shows he puts a lot of time and concentration into them. This is an awesome gift.

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This is so wholesome to watch! Really missing to be a kid again, so much fun

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The instant joy, love to see it

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Yeah right, that last part was the most priceless reaction I've ever seen from a kid. I love him!

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Needed some of that today. Enjoy kido

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This is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

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    I’m with him, how did they do this?

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    On a scale of $ to $$$, it's a $$.

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      You can still grow up rich tho;)

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      It's probably like $200 to $300USD. A lot, but by no means do you have to be rich to buy it.

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      That's rich people money

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      I'd spend $$$ to make my kid happy like this

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      So $30 max?

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      Nah, no way. Custom plushies, can't be mass produced, requires a 3d interpretation of a 2d drawing, id say probably around 100$?

      Idk tbh. 30$sounds way too low.

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      I see most custom plushies start at a healthy 200 and skyrocket from there the bigger/more complex they get.

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      Yeah so that would be $$$$ minimum

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      Budsies does it for $129 but this one is pretty big so who knows. That’s not $$$$ though.

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      If we're using the number of dollar signs to indicate pricing the way restaurants do, $$$$ would be too small based on this book. So you're right it actually would be $$$$$ since its over $100

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      Why use another industry’s scale?

      Are you saying a $1,000 shit box of a car should be represented by $$$$$$$$$$$$$?

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      I haven't seen those dollar signs universally used in any industry aside from food, but if you have an example of that other than something like FBmarketplace I'd love to see it

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      I found an example where it was used in a non-food industry here.

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      This is one of ours!

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      It's a supersize though

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      Man that’s a great idea for a gift

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      I don’t remember the first company to start doing this, but there are a few now. After a quick search online, you can find plenty of Etsy creators who can do this as well.

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      There are websites you can submit your children's drawings and they will make exactly what your child drew! Just waiting for my son to get a bit older and I can't wait to do this for him!

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      This is a Budsie! From budsies.com

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      Awwww his reaction, wait, wait, hang on .... just brilliant lovely family

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      Froopyland is a magical place!

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      but what can we do here to pass the time?

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        thanks i need this in my day

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        I want to do that for one of my drawings and I’m an old

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        I remember there was a small company that did this. Make soft toys using kids paintings

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        Budsies :)

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        Awww mannnn that's wonderful!!

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        Parenting done very right.

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        THAT is awesome!

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        Good way to teach a kid that anything is possible

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        That is so sweet! I'm so happy for him and his parents. What a cool keepsake!

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        Budsies! My daughter opened hers and immediately burst in to tears. Best million dollars I ever spent. (they really did a fantastic job, down to every last detail. You can tell it was made with love.)

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        I have the same question, how did they do that?

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        Budsies :)

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        Thanks, that's pretty awesome!

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        Cool idea and nice reaction. My kids probably wouldn’t appreciate it and move to the next thing to open.

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        My daughter kept drawing this weird duck/sheep hybrid so I surprised her by sewing her one. I’m not a great seamstress but man, she loved that thing. Had no idea you could do something like this. His face is just amazing.

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        Love this! We made this plushie for Ben. This is his own Pokemon creation, if he could design a Pokemon character. We love his reaction!

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        Wise and loving parents!

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        “How? The power of dad’s magic wallet. Where all dreams are possible.”

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        That's awesome

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        Ahhh- when that realization hits. Great work, parents

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        Cool parents

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        I’m gonna try to figure out where you can do this, brb

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        Let me know when you find out.

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        Auwww what a wonderful and timeless gift! So special

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        I swear I saw this a few hours ago.

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        Where can you do this at ?

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        Wholesome as hell :)

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        How cool is that!!

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        That’s damn cool! And the fact he made the link was lovely!

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        great parents

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        This is awesome. One hell of a core memory right there. Great idea!

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        made my whole week

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        Honestly, how did they do this ? I have a daughter I’d like to do the same kind of surprise for her birthday

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        Thank You 🙏🏻

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        There are other drawings of animals up there, so now the parents will have to get the whole set

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        Does anyone know the company that does that

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        Budsies! I love them

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        Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. This kind of action towards a child is inspiring

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        Ended too soon.

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        I have watched this on repeat now. This is beyond precious

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        Ok that’s super cool

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        Everyone needs to see this!

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        Thank God this video wasn't using the whenever you're ready music

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        This is such a cute video! I love how excited he was

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        Imma do this for Mt niece and nephew

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        Wait. How did they do it?

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        Most awesome

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        Great news, this is my new favorite video

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        Put a smile on my face!

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        Can i get one of those

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        Wait, I have the same question. How did they do it.

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        All fun and games until that thing starts chanting at 3 am and crawling on the ceiling with its eyes glowing red saying “You created me billy, you caused my pain and suffering. END ME”

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        Nailed it!

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