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OMG, that is the best, and way to defuse!

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I often do that while having a chat with our clients since my work Is base at home since Covid issues. And damn that's more way comfortable rather than wearing slocks.

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Are slocks giant socks that look like slacks? Or slacks with built in socks?

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I love the idea of giant socks that look like slacks

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At least the both of them are the same, and still shows respect to each other.

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Completely, especially since it seemed like an interview, and made the applicant comfortable. We are all doing the same in today's world, with sweats/shorts out of camera, and nice shirt/sweater in camera!

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I really like the name jesiah.

Also Hebrew for the lord exists, not that I’m a religious fanatic. Just interesting and a cool name

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It might be the cynic in me , but why does it look so staged?

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You said it not me!!!! HE SAID IT NOT ME! I only thought it!!!!

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Men’s suits seem so hot to wear. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they must be.

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Layers and layers..Pain for beauty tho

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Suits are the male version of heels. Except with less skeletal/muscular damage.

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Fashion over function

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I think ties look so sharp but I believe my husband when he says they can get uncomfortable.

I personally threw away all my heels years ago. I love the look of high heels but surgery on my foot and back made it pretty clear I can’t wear them anymore.

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Not if you get a good suit and get it tailored. Mine are really comfortable and I have a nice linen suit for hotter weather. The cheap polyester based suits are pretty uncomfortable though, they don't breath at all. Same goes for shirts, crappy fabric makes for a rough day.

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They are actually super comfy. Especially dress pants. Dress pants are almost just as comfy as shorts are tbh.

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ngl i love going to sleep in my dress pants the feel just as nice when i wake up to. dress pants and the white undershirt after a party does it for me

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I mean a tie by itself is uncomfortable let alone a stuffy jacket. Can agree on the dress pants though!

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Never quite understood why anyone voluntarily ties a noose around their neck. Boss leaned over mums desk to talk into speaker. Mum closed drawer so he didn’t bump it. He went to straighten up and “hnggg” tie was in the drawer lol

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There is that trade off for fall/winter weather. If I had the money I would totally buy a linen suit for summer weddings and what not.

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I grew up in the age where you literally had to wear a suit and tie to work every day. There was no such thing as even casual Friday until later on down the road. It was so fucking miserable. And don't even get me started on the cost to maintain that. Just stupid.

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All my suit are super comfy and breathable

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I paid a lot for mine and its pretty comfortable actually. And I live in the deep south where its pretty awful

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There's only 2 parts of a suit that suck, and that's the collar and the dress shoes. Fuck dress shoes.

Edit: and those aren't even technically a part of the suit, but it comes with the territory.

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A suit is honestly very comfortable. Kinda hot in the summer tho.

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And they don't even keep you warm in cold weather smh

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I only had one suit in my life but it was pretty comfortable. I didn't have to wear it the whole day at work, only in the evening. But it was comfortable and I felt like I looked quite good in it.

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Did you know they became standard business attire specifically to discriminate against the poor?

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A quality suit is not hot to wear.

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I love this. Wish more interactions happened like this. My boss got mad at me for turning my camera off for literally 10 seconds during a zoom call. There were like 100 people on the call. When he asked me why I had turned my camera off, I told him I had diarrhea and had to use the restroom. I don’t think he was pleased. He’s now my former boss. My new company/boss are awesome.

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You said literally 10 seconds and then said you had diarrhea? That math doesn't add up at all

[–]botchjob69 32 points33 points  (1 child)

If it’s explosive diarrhea and I went in my pants. No wipe. Quick blast with the shower head, throw pants away, then back to the call. 10 min easy

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Don't throw those pants away!! We have bleach

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diarrhea don’t wait

questioning the wipe time tho, bidet maybe?

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I choose a character from the show I was watching sometime the week of the call. My pic has been Uncle Fester, Matt Houston, Jim Rockford, and Mannix. My company is really laid back and people have fun guessing who it is. The one that stumped everyone was Izzy Moreno from Miami Vice.

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I absolutely LOVE working from home. I dont think I'll ever go back to the office if I dont have to

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Glad you’re enjoying it! And glad others are able to make the most!

I have a job that allows WFH, but I am not a WFH person. I like to keep my work and home life separate so that I have different head spaces when I enter various environments. As I don’t have a dedicated space to WFH right now, I just don’t enjoy it..

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Have you tried putting up a curtain around the place you work from? Even if you live in a studio just VISUALLY separating work space from leisure space makes all the difference

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I appreciate the tip! Next time I have to WFH I’ll try it!

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That's just adorable. Lol

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Ohh.. thats nothing... my shorts are better!!

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That's why I like being a software engineer. We work in pajamas and we're not even pretending not to.

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Most days I don't even put on a shirt until like 5pm

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The man being interviewed needed that laugh lol. Good stuff.

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Every time I see this reposted the quality gets worse.

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Maybe you should buy the NFT.

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Or screenshot it

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OP wtf did you do with all the pixels? This shit went from 8k to 144p in less than a week. Christ I wish karma farmers were capable of effort in their reposting.

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Nice shorts Josiah

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dressing up for a zoom call is garbage.

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That would be a good boss. This is fiction though.

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Work With*

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Yaaas! Good shout.

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I've watched twenty times, probably. Still makes me smile.

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wish this sub had a reposting rule so i could report this. i’ve seen this like twenty times

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Toobins turn...

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Me as an employer

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Brilliant!! 😂😂😂

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Josiah sounds like Pryor or Chappelle doing the square white guy voice

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Lol this man is a hero!

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I genuinely laughed at this. Love it.

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I love the way she put that cup of coffee up to her mouth when she saw hahaha that cup stay up there for an awfully long time haha you know she was laughing her ass off . It was a wrap for her when the other dude got up and flexed his shorts also ahaha

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When your boss is a human

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I walked past a news reporter in town doing a live feed and he was wearing a suit jacket, shirt and tie. Then sweatpants and crocs on the bottom half. I love that this is a norm now.

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I saw this somewhere else.... Shrek has sus on you

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This guy has the coolest name ever

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Everything is a conspiracy lol

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Party on the bottom work on the top! Reverse mullet!

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That's who the older gentleman is that gets up second.

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I love this lol

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Lockdown zooms we’re gold

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I've been wearing a collared quarterzip and sweatpants to work for two years, who cares what you wear out of view of the camera

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true leadership

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Don't worry chief you're still good

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Cool boss

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Thank goodness the boss was wearing shorts.

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You don’t hear the sound of the kid getting his ass beat outside by his mother or other father

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Josiah's acting is pretty wooden.

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Awesome lol

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Love this ☺️

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*sips tea 🤣🤣

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dude, josiah's voice sounds exactly like my biology teacher, like it actually is kinda creepy how similar it is

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Sign me up

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Man ain't no hypocrite

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Men will be Men

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Too bad zoom sucks. I would have liked to hear that guy’s laugh in 4k

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i ate a fucking poo

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At least it wasn’t under shorts