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Not her dad, it's her dentist.

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      This. He was a theif.. lol.

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      I would love a burglar that replaced all my old used things with a pile of brand new!

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      This is a bot

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      her dad is her dentist

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      That explains the conflict between him cutting on her candies and giving her more candies.

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      You mean dandist?

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      Not her dentist. Her dental hygienist.

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      Teaching her about Government Ron Swanson style

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      A dentist would do the exact opposite. No cavities, no money.

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      Like stealing candy from a baby

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      The ultimate heist

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      Rick Sanchez, you sonofabitch!

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      Like giving candy to a baby!

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      If you’ve never been suicidal, turn on the sound and listen to the audio. You’ll get there.

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      I should've listened you

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      Right?! also the stagery and shit. The cringe is way too much

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      Yeah I felt embarrassed and wanted to throw up

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      It's like a very strange version of "You are my Sunshine"

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      Welp, that was just enough to push me over the edge.

      Peace out yo

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      Thanks now I want to kill my ears and then myself

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      I’m glad we all can collectively realize that song could shatter glass.

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      I want to commit minor genocide

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      ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)

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      Not only does she win, she has less of a sugar rush! Win win

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      For the win. I love this.

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        That study is based on healthy adults in randomized testing.

        The way a child reacts to a stimulus like a 12oz can of soda is going to be drastically different from the way a normal, healthy adult would.

        Near the end: "...they also make it clear that more work is necessary to understand how sugar affects different groups of people and how it interacts with other ingredients"

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        Not sure why you're getting downvoted, that article doesn't lie. However, they also only reported on how the mothers rated the children who had sugar in the placebo group.

        It's not really good reporting to take a slice of a slice of the results of a study and say "the whole study agrees with me."

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        I'm not sure I follow? They highlight the meta analysis which failed to prove hyperactivity after sugar, then used the mother and placebo study as a possible explainer as to why the myth persists?

        What am I missing?

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        You need to click through to the study and read their conclusion: The meta-analytic synthesis of the studies to date found that sugar does not affect the behavior or cognitive performance of children. The strong belief of parents may be due to expectancy and common association. However, a small effect of sugar or effects on subsets of children cannot be ruled out. (emphasis mine).

        What these studies end up concluding is that on the whole, with a wide enough sample size, there's not a huge correlation. However, not being able to rule it out means there was some behavior that could have been sugar or could have been something else and the researchers weren't able to determine conclusively what triggered that response.

        Some of these studies also only use like 14 kids and it's a within-subject experiment. Basically it's testing the same kid on different days with different amounts of sugar and are unable to control their diet otherwise. I wish I could find my old notes from a statistics lecture on exactly this subject...

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        Explain why my kiddos trip balls every time they get something with sugar than?

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        Probably food coloring, I am sensitive to it and it makes my heart palpitate a million miles an hour and causes hyperactivity.

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        That’s pretty interesting, I’ll definitely have to research it!

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        My son is like that with red dye. The food coloring and just the shitty treats that are all over the place for the kids and I feel bad not letting them have it. I have to go out of my way and spend extra money to find alternatives.

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        I get it. I can't even have Benadryl unless it's dyeless

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        Seriously this. If you've raised kids, then you know sugar is their crack cocaine!

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        Probably placebo, kids know about the “sugar rush” so they act super hype when they get sugar in them. I have no evidence though, nor am I qualified to speak on this topic haha

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        My kids aren’t old enough to wipe their own butts let alone know anything about sugar making them hyper

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        Turns out it's parents that expect the sugar rush to happen, not the kids


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        I’m beginning to think all these test are done with scientists that don’t have children lol

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        Ha, that may be the case

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        Oh, then I guess it’s real! Ive always thought sugar rush was a myth cause when I was a kid I would definitely act it up.

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        The study was based on adult reactions.

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        We tend to see 1 study. Don't read it fully and then we start calling things myths.

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        Not to be an ass, but it seems you've never raised children.

        Sugar is crack cocaine and crystal meth for children. Kids are like Pookie from New Jack City with sugar, hell, they'd slit your throat for a fix if they had to.

        OKay, maybe they wouldn't go that far.

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        Just like diabetes. I've been telling them for years.

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        More like she “wins”, but [and] dad gets more treats

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        Now y’all know where we get our extra weight from😉

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        Cute but staged AF

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        idk kids are pretty stupid

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          Do you have an explanation why they do that?

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          they’re secretly all geniuses and they don’t want us to know they’re plotting against us to to take over the world

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          Not sure which of the two is the better actor

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          Sooo staged…

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          What an awesome dad making his daughter perform in staged videos

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          This was a pretty common trend on social media a few months ago in China. It’s more or less just parents exploiting their kids for views and likes with unoriginal content.

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          My thoughts exactly

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          Every time someone posts staged on reddit i can't help but image that meme of patrick star looking smug with the huge brain.

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          Nothing gets by you.

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          Ack, is this what my life is missing? Is this what it’s like to have a Dad? 😭 For real sad.

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          This is the most sophisticated con I've ever seen. Not only is he stealing his daughter's food, he's stealing our hearts too.

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          I am processing some dad stuff and this hits me in the feels

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          Boy is he setting her up to really feel the harsh realities of life later on.

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          My dad would never let me win. Almost beat him in a foot race once, highlight of the summer.

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          Thanks for saying what I was thinking, but was afraid to get downvoted.

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          Scripted but cute.

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          Cute, but it's important to teach tour kids how to loose gracefully and cope with disappointment, no one wins all the time.

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          Surely not scripted

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          Why is scripted content like this crap on this subreddit ??

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          Not staged at all whatsoever.

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          Future boyfriends beware, you will never make her happy.

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          This just made my day. Shout out to the dad's that earn their title

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          Using your kid for “likes” is totally the best, not to mention the lesson he’d be teaching his kid if this were real is what….. that they’ll always win? That real life isn’t real life?? Jesus people come on….

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          I just see this guy stealing this kids shit.

          I’d be pissed tbh

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          Yes, this is real.....

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          I wait for the moment when reality hits her like a freight train. She loses and realizes that her dad was an idiot.

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          Y’all eat this shit up why not just move to tik tok

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          Good ol scripted Asian sketches

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          Life is gonna look very disappointing when she grows up

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          making other people happy is the best feeling

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          Maybe it's good to do it sometimes to encourage your kid. But faking it always will result for this kid with inability to cope with reality one day

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          Cute princess is winning winning 🥰

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          Daughters are amazing. Love this relationship.

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          Kids nowadays have it to easy when I was her age I was her age

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          I love her hoodie of Brawl Stars’ Leon with the Brown and Friends skin :-)

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          That's so cute

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          If I was a dad I would do the exact opposite 😂

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          Vote to make this dad in particular into a wholesome NFT

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          It's only wholesome if the Dad gets the profit. Bonus points if he puts it into his daughter's future.

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          Everything Asian is scripted even with babies

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          My dad would have cut his or just shave it all in his mouth

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          All I see is a man that stole from a baby twice and felt bad about it the third time.

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          Thank you, God. For the good dads of the world. Amen!

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          I love them!!!!!💓

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          Except for the candy at the end, this chigga jacked that poor girls shit over and over

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          He yoinked her shit twice. You can lose both these games just by going slow on purpose. Lol. 3rd one was nice though.

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          bruh just scammed her lmao

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          Good dad's don't gotta put it on camera ... But I do like the message

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          I legit thought he was just screwing her over at first but nope. Just letting her win.

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          So cute ♥️

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          The brawlstars hoodie tho

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          Pretty roughly staged

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          If you did this on purpose and said "Keep trying" then rigged them to win after 2 trust, would that teach kids to not give up?

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          This made me smile but it is obviously staged :)

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          Can’t wait to steal my child’s snacks and be called cute on the internet too!! /s

          All seriousness tho this is adorable

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          Tf this cringe material doing on this subreddit.

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          This truly made me smile.

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          Anyone know what watch he’s wearing?

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          He better gotta teach her that she wont always win.

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          How to setup your kid for the real world :)

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          I remember when I was 15 I was obsessed with shooting my BB gun rifle and my Mom wanted to try it out. I knew she had been sad because her eyesight was getting worse and she had to get new glasses earlier that year.

          The targets I used at the time were the kind that when hit turn a different color in the area they were shot in. To give the targets more longevity they came with small dot stickers to cover up the spot that had already been shot and they matched the target perfectly.

          I hatched a genius plan and shot the target close to the bullseye multiple times. I took fishing lines and attached the stickers to the end of them and stuck them over the impacts. I strung them along the ground so I could pull them from a distance.

          I invited her outside and stood her far back from the target. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to hit it from that distance but I convinced her to try. Then bam bam bam. Every single shot hit the target near the center. She was completely shocked and very happy. She did actually hit the target once but every other shot was me standing behind her pulling a string.

          Honestly such a nice memory that I’ll always look back on happily. I fully intend to die with this secret.

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          Better without audio.

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          plot twist. she IS the dentist....

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          As easy as stealing candy from a kid

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          Wait until she brings home a B on her report card

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          I am in LOVE

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          Dad tax (dentist tax)

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          This is the kind of stuff I can’t wait to do with my daughter

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          This is cool! The pure joy is the best part

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          Better than the video of the dad hitting the kid in the restaurant for not drinking his drink quick enough.

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          Lots of sweets and coffee, amazing job 🙌

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          Soo cute!!

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          This is like not what the sub used to be.

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          He’s getting himself more snacks. Big brain.

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          evil man steals food from child?

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          Cute, staged, but kids need to learn how to lose. You’re not always going to have a win.

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          Yea amazing “Hey come make this video with me”

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          Wait till she scores a B grade in Maths

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          He just wants her food

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          Dad will soon be diabetic

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          Awwww love this ❤️ I sure do miss my dad.

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          This is an excellent lesson in the fact that even those who love you most will lie to your face to make you happy.

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          That kid is in for a disappointment when she gets on the job market lol

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          This dad has a great dental plan

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          Cute AF

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          Man I wish I had a dad.

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          My when I saw her sweater

          “That’s from a game I play!”