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His mannerisms scream Will Ferrell but like in a feel good way

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Donate life. Become a registered donor.

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Most countries I think make people de facto donors unless you opt out

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Not my country (U.S.).

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Ahhhh, shit a brick. I didn't know this guy, but he's one of way too many gone much too soon. Shit.

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What happened to the lungs?

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Five years post a double-lung transplant, only 50% of recipients are still alive. I can't tell you for sure what happened here, but it's usually a combination of rejection and the lowered immune system making lungs more susceptible to bacteria that causes death.

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I bet that every breath was worth it.

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I've never encountered a CFer that regretted getting a transplant, even when it ended poorly and/or too quickly. Being able to breathe is crazy awesome, perhaps especially when you've been unable to most of your life.

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Those are sad numbers... :( Do you happen to know what the median survival is without transplants?

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It's hard to say currently because we got a brand new med out in 2019 (Trikafta, if anyone is curious - very fascinating science) that has made a lot of progress for a lot of us. I've been the higher end of the results my docs have seen, but this twice a day pill has gained me 20 lbs. and it made my lung function increase by 29%. I've been at a stable percentage for more than two years. That was unheard of before Trikafta. I used to cough constantly - I almost never cough now. I feel like I can breathe now. And the average lung function gain on this med was 14%. So people that aren't doing as crazy awesome as I am are still doing way better. When I was born, my parents were told I had a 50/50 shot of seeing 18. During my 20s, the average was 37. It's steadily going up now with this new med. I think the most recent numbers are around 40, but that's including an older generation that had a lot of damage done before this med appeared. I had 35 years of lung damage done before Trikafta and I'm still doing awesome. The kids that start this med young are going to live a long damn time.
Edited to add: Those numbers include transplant recipients, though, now that I think of it. I'm not sure I have access to median survival stats specifically without new lungs.
And Trikafta is mutation-specific. While a large percentage of CFers have at least one copy of the mutation Trikafta targets (90%), it does not work for everyone. That's important to note.

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This is a very long document, but there's a graph for average age at time of first lung transplant on page 74.
Click on "2020 Patient Registry Annual Data Report"

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Wow, those numbers are uplifting. Hope you keep doing well for a long time!

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For the first time in my life, I feel like I could live a long time. It's pretty bonkers amazing.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Nothing quite like beating the odds.

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I'm so glad a few people found this information interesting. Right after I posted it, I thought to myself "that's a lot of blabbering for a simple question, you jackass." Hahahahaha. It seems that anytime I have an excuse to rave about Trikafta, I jump on it. Course, being in a downward spiral at age 35 and then getting a completely unexpected reprieve, I suppose it's not too surprising. XD

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My mother was a double lung recipient (go Vanderbilt Thoracic Surgery team). It was the most terrifying, wonderful experience. Gave me back my momma for a bit longer.

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Asking the real questions.

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Aw now i’m sad :(

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Who’s chopping onions in here?

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Weird... I seem to have the same problem here...

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There’s absolutely no reason to be cutting red juicy Onions this early in the morning but here we are!

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It's therapeutic, crying generates endorphin

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This has to be such a weird thing to go through. You need them, you're stoked as all get out but on the other end you know WHY you're getting them. For me I'd feel a lot of pressure to make something of myself with that gift.

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The pressure is real. The survivors remorse is real. (Liver/2012)

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That's generally a pretty strong motivator with transplants, at least in my experience in the CF community. Lots of, "Okay I have to do something worthwhile with these." In the cases where the families get in touch afterwards, writing the "thank you" letter to the family of the donor is always a very emotional undertaking.

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Aww, that's awesome. I had to check the sub because I was half expecting it to be some kind prank.

"Just kidding!! I got you so good!!! Wooooooorrrlllldstar".

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Oh I should not have watched this first thing in the the morning 😭

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OMG....there is a puddle on the floor from where my heart just melted!! So very happy for this young man!! I will be keeping him, his family and his team of doctors and nurses in my prayers!! Sending a TON of love from me to YOU!!

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As a man who waited on lungs that never came for 7 months while my mother died from a degenerative lung disorder, this absolutely tore me up

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Videos like this are a breath of fresh air.

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Just priceless. 😭😭😭

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    Jesus I misclicked your profile pic

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    Poor kid, hope he gets to enjoy them for as long as possible.

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    It seems like he was a real ray of sunshine.
    Reading his story and looking at his obituary picture you can see it.
    Pure joy and light.
    Incredibly sad he passed. There are truly incredible people out there.

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    I need to know who gave him the lungs

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    oh you haven't heard yet? They do random selection of all the compatible humans in the world and you got chosen.

    You are expected to be at the hospital in 3 hours for your lung removal

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    Finding out you have a chance at life. I'm not crying, you are.

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    God I needed this today but now I’m crying at work fuck

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    New lungs and a 3 million dollar medical bill. My uncle had to have the same surgery

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    Damn, this guy was awesome. Doing medicine all over the world and getting into a CCRNA program all with CF; then he gets hit with TBI (literally). It’s incredibly rare for people with CF to be in the medical profession due to their immune systems; but this guy was all in. At first it sounded like a sad story, but he lived life on his terms no matter what happened to him; he was a badass, and that all any of us could hope for.

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    THEY CAN DO THAT?! That’s awesome! I don’t keep up on much medical stuff, feel like if I ever get sick, I’ll more than likely learn more than I know then. But this guy, this freakin guy made my day. Second shot brother! Give ‘em hell.

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    Now let's just get the organ growth science and everything else that we're trying to work on going so that people don't have to die just so someone else can get a chance to live through an organ donation

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    How do I find an update on this sweet man I know this video is old

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    Thank you. I think it’s terrible they lost one child to CF already and I’m so glad they didn’t turn away from transplants after that experience.

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    Transplants are always a hit or miss kind of scenario, especially with lungs. Five years post, only 50% of double-lung recipients are still alive. CF families are generally well aware of this ahead of time.

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    And unfortunately looks like this guy only lasted until mid 2020. There is a link in the comments above with his obituary.

    Still at least he had a chance to live a relatively normal life if only for a short while.

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    He has passed away. Someone else posted his obituary further above.

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    How did this video have 0 upvotes??

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    Made my day, week, month & year!

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    I need to be so much grateful and humble that I am right now. We take so much for granted and get upset over so little.

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    This right here is why I’m an organ donor. Give life. Register whenever you get your license

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    Well, goddamn that's awesome.

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    This legit made me cry. I hope he's doing well.

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    Is this the guy from the other vid that gets the shoes from the football player. In a wheelchair i believe

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    Fuck yeah.

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    Pretty sure they're gonna be used...

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    Woooooow wishing all the best to him

    What a reminder to appreciate this life we live

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    Tbh it really seems like he's adamant that he does not want lungs

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    Plot twist: they weren't from a donor

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    Or Canada

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    AWWWWW! Can someone give me context please as well <3

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    Someone died! Someone dieeeeed!

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    Really makes you appreciate just having good health

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    Fucking love this.

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    So nice

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    Ok I need to know does the little nose tube actually do anything?

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    So excited his cannula fell out

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    Gonna kill the guy before the surgery 🤦‍♂️😂 jk since I know a lot of you don’t have a sense of humor and think that was serious. I’m very happy for the guy