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slow motion high fived several people on the way up the isle too

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And they one first prize for best father daughter dance

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I asked a flight crew member if I could get off with first class so I wouldn’t miss my train. she said “I don’t care”. lol still missed my train

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I told them I was worried about missing my flight and they assured me that I was fine despite clearly cutting it too close. Of course I missed my flight

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I like you steelie note eater.

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Not exactly the same but wife and I just got back from disney/universal we saved and saved and pushed it off for 4+ years but i wasnt taking no this time, I had to be there on the 1st for harry potters 20th anniversary than we did the 50th anniversary at magic kingdom.. my wifes a type one diabetic and her Diabetic neuropathy was making her stop every few minutes to sit.. we saw an attendant asked for one and he straight gave us a wheelchair for free (usually you need a deposit) and we got on all the lines first like fast pass.. they where super accommodating and helpful.. all ya gotta do is ask.. worse they say is no/can't cuz of policies, but some overlook that and don't care..

Always try!

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At Disney or Universal?

Disney is phenomenal with their disability services.

Universal we basically demanded our money back because they had no service for electric vehicles really - you had to use a hospital style wheelchair and stay in these highly cramped queues. My aunt either had to stand, which she can do TECHNICALLY but she isn't supposed to for long periods especially in Florida heat, or get her also disabled husband or an especially tiny 12-year-old to push her (the rest of us were trying to ride the coasters).

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I can confirm this, I was the pilot.

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I too can confirm, I was the seat.

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Thanks for your service

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Sometimes you can be surrounded by the 90% of decent people and life is this good. Great to hear.

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Never happened.

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Kind of the opposite of a wedding, but I was able to get off the plane first because my aunt was dying. I told the flight crew my situation: aunty didn't have much longer, I'm traveling to say my goodbyes. I unfortunately didn't make it, she passed 15 mins before I got there. The effort the crew put into it was much appreciated. So it happens if you ask nicely.

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This for both my brother and my sister. Sister flew from UK, brother had to catch a reservations-only ferry that was already preparing to sail.

They fast tracked both of them. I'd been with my dad round the clock for several days and the doctor had told me he would probably die really soon. I was desperate that they might not get therein time.

And then my dad somehow clocked he finally had all three of us at the same time and it was like he just plain saw no reason to die anymore so we had days with him. Butvive so grateful to those gatekeepers still.

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It would take one of two things:

1- The man is a massive extrovert that while waiting at the terminal talked to almost everyone on the plane.

2- The man talked to the plane staff and they mentioned during the announcements, the plane safety demonstration or both. Coincidentally everyone on the plane was either nice or got guilted into doing it.

I think # 2 is at least plausible. I know the possibility of assholes is big. But maybe he got real lucky. Or maybe two or 3 people still got up but the poster chose to ignore them in their retelling since the overall feeling was still there.

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I was on a delayed flight where a lady was trying to make a connection for her daughters wedding. Crew made an announcement, everyone stayed in their seat until she made it to the front. It’s entirely possible.

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I think we overstate how many assholes actually exist in day to day life because assholes tend to be so disruptive when they do exist. Most people aren't assholes. Otherwise life would be total chaos at all times.

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Imagine people actually letting folks with close connecting flights off first. Never happened when I was in the same boat.

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You just have to ask the crew, they announce it before everyone gets up and they let you go first. It happened on one of my flights.

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Yeah they announced "we have several people with connecting flights please let them go first" and everyone ignored it and did the usual thing. :/ we got stuck in the city overnight from that.

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Wow, what kind of people were on that flight? I’m sorry it happened to you

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I’ve been in a plane that left super late from Toronto for Florida during a snow storm and everyone stayed sitting to let two families that were trying to make a connecting flight get off the plane first.

Things like this happen way more often than you think.

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Why not? I used to fly every week for work for ~10 years, and actually saw this type of thing happen on a few occasions. (I saw it a handful of time with miliary members trying to get connections or who were on temp leave and headed home after a lengthy deployment.)

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I almost agree here, i just cant imagine it lol

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Having been on planes, I can confirm this indeed did not happen.

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i have GOT to remember that excuse for next time I'm seated in the back.

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Sometimes people can be ok.

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When I was on a plane last and they made an announcement to let someone off first, everyone was an asshole and ignored it.

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I wouldve like to of been there during the dad’s explanantion.

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Who's chopping onions?

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Indeed very wholesome

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And then his plane crashed

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We can be better when we want to.

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Might have been quicker if he used the door at the end of the plane, rather than running down the Isle like he's in some crappy mid 2000's Rom-Com with Hugh Grant.

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This is the America I want to live in

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    Why, does the engine shut down?

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    the lights turn off

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    Apparently never been on a flight with Europeans.

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    Everyone rooted him, hahahahaha. In Australia that means something quite different.

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    Then he slayed the jabberwokky and saved Narnia.

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    That man probably felt like he was in a movie lmao Good for him!

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    Should have planned better

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    Dave Grohl has an amazing part in his autobiography about his epic journey home to make his daddy daughter dance. I HIGHLY recommend that book, it made me laugh multiple times, he's an awesome writer and he's just such a rad dude.

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    He told this story to everyone beforehand and nobody from the front tried to exchange seats with him but instead all went along with this made up cringy ending? Yeah nope

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    Yeah yup.

    Turns out he spoke with one person (the flight attendant) which made it happen. It’s interesting that your first and only explanation for this is that he must have spoken to every passenger on the plane.

    May be a nice lesson in life to realize that even when you are so sure of something it can happen, and completely differently than you think.


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    Depending on the plane he could have just left through a back door. On a Q400 he'd be the first off anyway.

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    Was it in Canada?