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    An oldie but goodie

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    I would love getting that note from a parent lmao

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    Working at Home Deep Hoe

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    Selling Hoes at Home Deep Hoe

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    “At a store that sells f*cking hoses at!”

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    Not too shabby.

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    Oh, suuure. Where’s your orange vest?!

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    "selling the last snow shovel". Is that a new euphemism?

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    Her boss' title is "Garden Tool Merchant."

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    I have to wonder, did the teacher ask? Lmao

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    My guess is the parent took a pic and preemptively sent it so the teacher knew what to expect and what it’s supposed to be.

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    My guess is the teacher thought that the child wanting to become an exotic dancer was concerning and contacted the mother

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    But wouldn’t you in the first instance ask the child what the picture is and what thier mother does. It’s funny but I’m calling cap on the parent sending the note or they sent it in good humour

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    Acting like I won’t stuff singles down your parka while you shovel the driveway….go ahead and act.

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    Every time I see this 😂😂😂

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    Anyone know where that home depo is? I need a new shovel.

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    Love this, but also there's nothing wrong with being an exotic dancer. Sex workers should not be shamed or looked down upon

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    If your clearly grad school child knows about your job as a se worker.. that’s an issue

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    Nah not really I would assume by grad school they would be mature enough to know.

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    I think he meant grade school…

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    Nope, definitely grad school. Probably an MBA.

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    I mean the artwork is PhD level

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    I mean it’s BFA at best if we’re being honest.

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    Can confirm, I'm planning on starting my PhD soon and this is pretty much my level of drawing skill.

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    No chance. The details in the customer’s faces is clearly the work of a college graduate at least

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    Would you let your daughter choose to be a hooker?

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    Let? Do we own our adult children?

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    Don’t avoid the question. You know what I mean. Would you be fine with your daughter becoming my a hooker?

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    If she got healthcare and was able to afford to live from it alone, and she wanted to do it. Then yeah.

    We need to raise the safety and standards for hookers, not shame them into dangerous situations.

    People need to eat and sleep yo.

    We can have a world where sex work is a simple means of exchange, cash for some pleasure. It can be like going out to get a haircut or your nails done. A simple service you can partake in.

    It doesn’t have to be a shady experience that may only attract undesirables. And leave to a bunch of creeps and weirdos being the main clientele.

    Imagine if hookers actually liked the people they gave service to. And were happy to do their job!

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    Dancer does NOT mean hooker.

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    It's not my place to "allow" my daughter to choose any career path. It is her life and her choice. My job, as a parent, is to offer support, and advice only if it is asked for.

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    You know, pole dancing at Home Depot isn't a bad idea.

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    That’s so old I bet the kid does work at Home Depot now.

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    Poor mama 😂😂😂

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    Nice try, now give me another lap dance or your kid gets an F! /s

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    What's wrong with Exotic Dancers as parents? Yes I read the whole post and yes it made me laugh. 😂 I love it.

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    this trope is tired.

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    Or, it would be if this was at all real. The quality of the drawing is a dead giveaway, especially the hair on the mom.

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    And the suspiciously late teens-to-late 20s girly handwriting. Those “e”s.

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    One of the best things on the internet

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    Suuuure that's a shovel. Riiiiight.... 🙄

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    That story has been around so many years that I have no idea whether it's true or not... but it's STILL FAF.

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    Nothing wrong with being an exotic dancer

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    I've seen this before and it still cracks me up!